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Samsung Galaxy S6 Apps available to Download

As Samsung will release Samsung Galaxy S6 and Samsung Galaxy Dual Edge on 1st March at MWC 2015 . Samsung Galaxy S6 will going to be an awesome Smartphone and it will come with plenty of apps , that will make it user friendly .

A Xda member Albe95 has already leaked some apps of Samsung Galaxy S6 and these apps are available to Download . These apps will work on Samsung Touchwiz Smartphone with Android Lollipop Os Installed .

Here are some apps of Samsung Galaxy S6 -

1. Optical Reader -

This app will detect text , Business cards and QR codes , This app will be really helpful for Businessman's .

Samsung Galaxy S6 Apps - Optical Reader

Download - Here

2. Geo News -

Geo News will detect whether there gonna be any flood , earthquake , heavy rain or any natural calamities near your area ( country ) .

Samsung Galaxy S6 Apps - Geo news

Download - Here

3. Gear Manager -

This apps lets you control your Samsung Galaxy Gear ( Samsung Smart watch ) with ease !

Samsung Galaxy S6 Apps - Gear manager

Download - Here

4. Kids Mode -

This app is for kids and will feature coloring picture , watching cartoons and playing games etc .

Samsung Galaxy S6 Apps - Kids mode

Download - Here

5. Gear Fit -

This apps lets you control your Samsung Galaxy Gear Fit ( Samsung Smart watch ) with ease !

Download - Here

6. Smart Remote -

This app lets user to Control TV , Air Conditioners and many Electronic devices .

Download - Here

7. Smart Switch Mobile  -

This app is very useful , if you are changing your Smartphone . If you are coming from Ios to Android or Android to Android , It will help you in transferring all your Contacts , And Useful data !

                                      Download - Here

Just Install all the apps as normal apks ! 

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