6 Smart Tools To Make Your Home Safe

Is the security of your family making you anxious while you are away? Do you want to make your home a safe place for your loved ones by preventing intruders from breaking in or avoiding potential injuries?

Fortunately, technology enables you to monitor and safeguard your home and your family from anywhere you go. There are many smart, remote tools, allowing you to control your home security using your mobile phone. 

Here are the most essential and useful smart tools you should get to make your home safe:

Remote Home Monitoring

The security of your house and family is your top priority wherever you go. Using remote home monitoring systems allows you to remotely monitor and control your home for a plethora of conditions like a burglar, flooding, carbon monoxide, pipes busting, etc.

You can keep an eye on your pets and when your children get back home from school. When someone suspicious breaks into your home or something unpleasant happens, you receive an alert on your smartphone, allowing you to react instantly.

Smart Doorbells


Imagine you could see who is knocking at your door by merely looking at your phone. What if you doorbell could log all the time someone visits your home?

Installing a practical and futuristic smart doorbell prevents intruders from crossing the boundary of your home. A Los Angeles Police Department pilot program held in 2015 found that Ring’s smart doorbells reduced burglaries in neighborhoods by around 55%.

A smart doorbell is an internet-capable doorbell with built-in cameras, speakers and a microphone. It is easy and quick to install. Whenever someone presses the doorbell, you receive an alert on your phone, and you can see using the camera which is at the door. You can even talk with them using the speakers and microphone.

Smart LED Lights

More than 70 percent of burglaries take place when nobody is home. Using smart remote-controlled LED lights, you can make the lights pretend that someone is home when your house is empty, using your smartphone. You can modify brightness for every room and turn lights inside and outside on or off on a schedule.

Smart LED lights are especially useful when you are out of the city or want to save electricity while on vacation.

Keyless Home Locks

Keys of traditional locks are susceptible to being picked by intruders, or you may lose them accidentally. However, with keyless home locks, you do not have to fumble around with keys or fear to lose them as there is no physical key involved.

All you need is to type an access code on the keypad of your lock to enter your house. Only those having the access code can unlock your home, allowing no undetected strangers break in the house. Just make sure you choose keyless home locks only from reliable home safety equipment and different alarm packages.

Automated Security Gates

Also known as automatic driveway gates, security gates are the first layer of security for your home.

If an intruder cannot even get through your home, they cannot get to the front door of your house. These security gates give you protection and monitoring capabilities. You can control who can enter your space and view which tries to access your property maliciously.

An automatic security gate provides a greater sense of security while your kids play in the yard, as you know they will not have to deal with strangers strolling in the street.

Fall Detection Device

Do you have elderly parents or grandparents or someone with a disability at your home?

If yes, a fall detection device is a must for you.

According to WHO (World Health Organization), every year around 6, 46,000 individuals die from falls worldwide. Adults older than 65 years suffer the most significant risks of fatal falls.

To prevent this from happening to your senior loved ones, you must install a fall detection device at your home. This device has detection sensors that can differentiate between daily activities and a sudden fall.

If the device senses an out of place movement, it will instantly send a notification to the chosen phone number which could either your phone number or emergency service.


Smart security systems are becoming more affordable, allowing more and more people to protect their property and families. These come packaged with a professional security system, or you can get these tools from a local home improvement store for DIY.

Motorola One Vision Leaks in Fresh Hands-on

Motorola is all set to announce the Motorola One Vision and Motorola One Action with Infinity-O and 21:9 Cinematic Display in Brazil.

In today’s leak, which arrives via 91Mobiles, we get a fresh hands-on look that shows the front of Motorola One Vision and specifications for the same.

Motorola One Vision features a 6.3" FHD+ Cinema Vision Display, 48-megapixel shooter with OIS, there's a 25MP Selfie Camera with 128GB Internal storage and Android One 9.0 Pie OS. Looks Good?

Download: Samsung Galaxy A60 Crazy Official Wallpapers

Download: Samsung Galaxy A60 Crazy Official Wallpapers
Yesterday the recently unveiled Samsung Galaxy A60 went on sale in China for the first time. Given its specs and low price tag, you'd expect it to do well. If you need to get your hands on these Galaxy A60 wallpapers, you can grab them straight from below. There are total 4 of exclusive wallpapers from Samsung's latest Smartphone

To get it on your phone, you can simply save the image from below.

We'll update other wallpapers when available in High Quality. Stay tuned to our Facebook, Twitter, and Telegram to get the first News.

How Technology Can Protect You from Check Fraud

Check fraud is one of the biggest concerns facing businesses today. Criminals are constantly coming up with new ways to beat the systems that companies put in place to combat fraud. It is a never-ending struggle to protect a business from fraud. Despite businesses embracing technology to replace using traditional paper checks, thieves can still take the information available online and use it to steal a victim’s identity or to get lines of credit.

Fortunately, there are always new safety measures being developed that help to protect businesses and keep them a step ahead of criminals. The following practices are some of the best ways to help protect your company from check fraud.

Payroll Services and Direct Deposit

One of the biggest problems with paying your employees by check is that most checks will have the personal information of both the employee and the business written for anyone to see. An enterprising person can easily use the information they glean from a check to commit fraud against your company.

The best way to combat this is to use a payroll service to handle paying your employees. These companies can skip the step of paper checks altogether through direct deposit. Plus, payroll companies will have all the financial information concerning the money you are paying out saved for later access. This can make filing taxes much easier to deal with.

Utilize Advanced Digital Printing

It’s often the case that even while businesses have advanced to direct deposit, not all employees want this type of payment method. For those situations, you can utilize advanced digital check printers.

Digital printers provide secure check printing. These printers can implement watermarks only visible by UV light, provide confidential printing, and offer authentication procedures for optimal security.

While it will cost money up front to get the software and materials needed to print your own checks, the security it provides is well worth the initial expense.

Switch to Smart Payment Options

For many smaller businesses or those that employ contract workers, you don’t even need to deal with the costs of hiring a payroll service. Instead, you can use the newest online payment options to pay your workers instantly.

Fortunately, many cell phone providers have developed ways to pay for goods. These apps, such as PayPal or Venmo, allow businesses to easily send money with the swipe of a button. This eliminates the risks of check fraud since there is no paper trail that can be forged.

Just keep in mind that while these types of apps will eliminate the need to use paper checks, they still have some flaws that can be exploited. Phones and online accounts can be hacked if users are careless with their personal information.

Invest in a Smart Safe

Many businesses make the mistake of leaving their checkbook in an unsecured area where managers or employees can easily access it. This isn’t smart because someone could easily steal a page of checks and use them before anyone noticed. If you must use paper checks, then you should always keep them locked in a secure location.

Nowadays, there are plenty of options for smart safes. These safes provide the standard key or lock-number combination system, but they also have more advanced options like biometric fingerprint or retina scanners. That way, you can ensure the only person accessing your safe and your checks is you.

With technology having reduced the need to use paper checks, you would think that there would be less fraud, but sadly that isn’t the case. This is why businesses should always make an effort to keep their checking information secure. By using a payroll service or secure printing, limiting the number of checks you write, and keeping your checks as secure or making them as needed, you will limit the chances of fraudulent activity affecting your company.

Samsung Galaxy A60 Pre-Orders Begins in China

Samsung Galaxy A60 Pre-Orders Begins in China
Just a few weeks back, Samsung made the brand new Galaxy A60 Official along with Galaxy A40s, Galaxy A70, and the Galaxy A80.

Samsung Galaxy A60 which comes with 6.3" Infinity-O Display, Snapdragon 675 is now available for Pre-Orders in China. The Galaxy A60 6GB/ 64GB variant costs 1499Yuan which is just a super deal, while the Galaxy A60 6GB/ 128GB is priced at 1999Yuan.

You can Pre-Order the Samsung Galaxy A60 from Samsung's Official website. There are 3 color options to choose between, including Tannin Black, Shoal Blue, and Warm Orange.

Anyone up for the Pre-Order?

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