How to choose a best smartphone

How to choose a best smartphone


Every day lakhs of smartphone are sold in the markets but people gat confused because of mal parctices of sellers or marketers . Sellers forces buyers to buy that or those smartphone which they want to sold or by which they earn more profit . Here are some points which one can see before buying a smartphone -

•Brand - The brand is the most important thing that should be noticed before buying a smartphone . Always prefer a popular brand . From my opinion always go for samsung , htc , sony , apple , lg , google and motorola to buy a smartphone .
Chinese companies always enter into markets and sell cheap quality smartphones in cheap prices , which gets damaged in 1-2 months .

•Price - Always first watch the price of the smartphone you want to buy on internet . The most reliable sources are flipkart , ebay and many others . Just type this on google - for eg -
" samsung galaxy s3 price in india "

It will give you most accurate price of samsung galaxy s3 . Always first see the price of the Smartphones then go to the store . As a result marketers will not fool you by making you pay more price than the market price.

•Specs - First you have to decide of what specs you want a smartphone . If you want a smartphone of big large screen then buy accordingly if you want to buy a longer battery life of smartphone then buy accordingly . If you are a gaming freak then buy better ram and gpu and cpu Smartphone . If you are a photographer then buy highest megapixel smartphone .


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