Xolo q2500 Pocketpad full review

Xolo q2500 Pocketpad full review


Xolo launched its new device known as xolo q2500 pocketpad . Xolo a company of lava is making new smartphones and has entered the world of smartphone . Now xolo has started making phablets , know as phone+tablets . Xolo pocketpad is a mid ranged phablets which will be quite useful to play heavy games and with awesome graphics . It will be also helpful to watch multimedia on the full qhd screen .

Here is a full review of Xolo q2500 -

1. Screen -

Xolo q2500 pocketpad comes with a 15.24 cm or 6 inch HD Ips display which is capable of playing high graphics games and capable of playing high hd videos . It has unscratchable screen which is quite good . The Hd display is the main feature of xolo q2500 . The screen size is quite big , but can easily be fitted in ones pocket and thats why it is called a pocket pad .

2. Camera -

Camera of xolo q2500 is quite amazing . The xolo q2500 pocketpad comes with 8 megapixel of rear camera with BSI sensor . The BSI sensor is capable of capturing amazing photographs at low light , It also comes with a lot of features in the camera . The front camera is on 2 megapixel and can captures nice selfies .

3. Processor -

Xolo q2500 pocketpad comes with quad core mediatek processor which is clocked at 1.3 ghz which gives freedom to play high end games without any lag . Also with 1 gb ram it will be easy to do multitasking easily . Xolo q2500 pocketpad comes with 500 ghz mali 400 mp2 gpu . Dual gpu cores give xolo q2500 a amazing chance to play amazing graphics games .

4. Battery -

The battery life of xolo q2500 pocketpad is quite amazing . It comes with 3000 MAH LI-ion battery . Which is capable of playing games and videos through out the day .one can do non stop calls and taking through out the day . It can be used as travelling purpose also .

5. Operating System -

Xolo q2500 pocketpad comes with android 4.2 jelly bean out of the box . And the company has stated that it will be upgradable to android kitkat android 4.4.2 in upcoming months .


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