Apple Iphone 6 : All we know till now

Apple worlds no. 1 Smartphone company is all ready to launch its giant flaghship .  Yes and it is Iphone 6 , Apple is all set to launch its new flagship that will beat all the competitors like samsung galaxy s5 , htc m8 and nexus 5 . Apple Iphone 6 will be the awesome-st smartphone in 2014 as according to all the sources , Apple is making Iphone 6 different from all those Iphones .Iphone 6 is all ready to be launched on August 2014 . It will be available in markets after 2-3 months of launch . 

Here are all the list of number of specs and features we know till now , it has been derived from all the sources and summed up to make a and only one article .

  • Screen
Iphone 6 will feature a 4.7 inch qhd screen with a ratina display and with the awesome hd features . Apple Launched Iphone 5 , 5s and 5c with 4 inch but as we know that according to the latest trend 4 inch is not enough at all , so Iphone 6 will be coming with 4.7Inch display and its confirmed by Apple . Also it is confirmed that Apple will launch 5.5 inch display smartphone also . May be it can be Iphone 6l - l for large .

  • Structure
Accordingly Iphone 6 will come with a pure full metal back , with an awesome rounded display and style . All the leaked images of Iphone 6 shows that it will be curved from corners and will be more slimmer that Previous versions on Iphone . This Iphone will be worth buying .
  • Other information
Iphone 6 will come with IOS 7 only and Apple can launch new updates further but till now apple iphone 6 will carry ios 7 out of the box . It will have a fast processor and More memory and Will have same non removable battery and no external storage , same as previous iphones . Iphone 6 will have new siri support and will come with NFC inbuilt . Finger print scanner will be there . But may be it can come with some new trending features . Stay tuned for more updates .
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