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Download iPhone 14 Dynamic Island for Android [Updated]

The Main Highlight of iPhone 14 Pro Max is the Smartly done Dynamic Island. Today, I'll Show how to get iPhone 14 Pro’s Dynamic Island and iOS 16 features on devices like Samsung, OnePlus, Xiaomi and Google Pixel.

What is Dynamic Island? 

How to get Dynamic Island on Android? (New Application)

New Application works on Both Center and Side Hole Punch + Shows Notifications, Charging, Music Player and also Connected Devices.

Download - Vientiane Smart Island

Original Article (Old Applications)

Get iPhone 14 Features on any Android Smartphone (Download at your Risk)

Smart Widget Box

MIUI Theme Name - 怪脾气UI | Direct MTZ Theme Download


Above Video Shows the Dyamic Island on Android and iOS 16 Widgets

iPhone 14 Pro Max All Colors (Model) Hands On

Apple iOS 16 Goes OFFICIAL

 Apple has Finally made iOS 16 Official and it comes with Exciting new Changes and lots of new Features. The iOS 16 will be available for Developers and later as Public Beta. 

So the iOS 16 Lockscreen is getting a Major UI Change, It is now Customisable, You can Personalise accordingly which works way better than Google's version of Material You for Lockscreen, and Apple has added tons of Color Pallet Option for theming Lockscreen Clock. 

The new iOS 16 also comes with bunch of new Memoji Collection, We've new Notification Piles and New Parental Control Section which is going to help you in your daily usage and task. 

Apple has finally added a new Fitness Application in the iOS 16, best part is you won't even need Apple Watch to use the Fitness Data. So, iOS 16.. Yay or Nay?

Introduction of foldable phones by Apple in 2023

Apple is planning a lot of technological enhancements in their devices like camera, body as well as OS. the company is working for the improvisation in their devices for providing high performance to their gadgets like iPhones, iPads, iMac, apple watch as well as MacBook and many more. According to the latest leaks it is known that apple is planning a foldable range of iPhones with foldable QHD display and many more technological improvisations.

According to the information from the surveys it has been cleared that apple is going to launch the foldable iPhones with a larger display of 8 inches with QHD display as well as foldable OLED display in the year 2023. The report of the foldable phone technology has been presented in front of the investors. According to information the apple is making a contract with SDC as a supplier of displays and also with Samsung foundry for getting the Exclusive DDI.

The apple's high end smartphones will consists of the foldable display technology which can boost up the sales of the phone because of the foldable displays on which each and every smartphone company is working to introduce it in the market. Apple is one of the giant company of smartphones this technology will make the company boosts its market performance because of the the trend of foldable smartphones.

According to the leaks it has believed by the analysts that the apple will launch its upcoming iPhones will consists of the silver nanowire touch solutions which is one of the best as well as long lasting displays for the devices. This technology is already used by apple in HomePods which will save the revenues of the company and also lowers the manufacturing costs of the foldable iPhones.

The Apple is going to launch its foldable iPhones with a huge display of 7.7 to 8 inches which is also a good thing. Different types of rumours are also been displayed by people about the introduction of foldable smartphones by Apple but according to analysts the foldable technology will be introduced by the company till the year 2023 but is has not been officially confirmed by the company till now so let's wait and watch.

Apple is going to introduce In Display Face ID in iPhones

As we all know that apple is continuously working on its technological advancements. The company is planning to introduce the In Display face ID system which they are going to launch from the year 2023. The iPhones they will launch from 2023 will come with the feature of In display facial recognition system by removing the facial recognition system from its notch display according to its analysts.

According to the leaks it has been stated that the In display face recognition wit a latest periscope telephoto lens which consists of smart face capturing technology. the apple will completely remove the notch display which consists of the punch hole design and now from 2023 the company will provide the In display face ID.

According to the information from the apple's analysts the notch display was introduced from iPhone X and by 2021 apple is about to introduce the reduced notch in its displays in iPhone 13 which consists of the trueDepth camera function with the Face ID and reduced notch. Not the company is looking to improvise its technology and is working to introduce the face ID in display which will automatically disable the notch display.

As per the leaks from 2023 the apple will launch the in display fingerprint as well as Face ID system with a full display but unfortunately is been known after the launch of the technology in iPhones. Some of the rumours were also spread by the people that the In display fingerprint and Face Id system would be introduced by apple in iPhone 13 but as such there is no official information about it from company's end for the removal of notch display so let's wait and watch what apple is going to do. According to the analyst its been also known that apple is removing the mini 5.4 inch display from its phones.

MacBook Pro M1 Should you buy now or Wait

Apple has always been in the first position when it comes to sales of the laptop because they made the best performance laptop in a compact design with the best quality build and refined operating system. From the last few months rumors have suggested Apple is working on a new MacBook Pro with a new design, Apple Silicon processor, and much more.

According to the rumors this year Apple will be announcing 2 new MacBook Pro with a brand new design and a new Apple Silicon processor on the inside. Apple will release a new 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pro with a new mini-LED screen technology with a new M1X processor. The new MacBook could also feature a flat-edged design like we've seen in the iPad Pro and iPhone 12 and may also remove the Touch Bar and will return to the old functional keys.

Last year Apple has released its first Apple Silicon chip M1 with tons of improvements and amazing performance embedded that in a very small chipset. The performance and battery life of the M1 MacBook are unbeatable in the price segment. We've also seen the M1 MacBook almost beat last year's 16-inch MacBook Pro in terms of performance and battery life is also fabulous.

New MacBook Pro Expectations

  • Brand new design with a flat-edged screen with mini-LED
  • All new M1X processor
  • Extra ports (HDMI, SD Card)
  • New MagSafe charging port
  • Up to 64GB of RAM
  • 16 and 32 Graphics variations
  • and much more..
According to the latest leaks, Apple will release the new MacBook Pro in the third or last quarter this year. While Apple tend to release the 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pro last month but the company is battling from the ongoing chip-shortage. New MacBook can also be delayed further because of this issue.

At the end I want to say that if you need a machine for web browsing, app development or any other simple task you can definitely buy the currently available M1 MacBook or else if you need some extra ports, amazing display, extra performance and new design you can wait for the upcoming MacBook Pro and if you already have Mac machine you definitely should wait for the new upcoming MacBook.

Apple watch OS 7.6.1 released with security updates

Apple has released a latest update in Watch OS which is 7.6.1 with some of the improvisations, bug fixes as well as security updates. The watch OS 7 is released during September 2020 and after that two weeks before apple has released watch OS 7.6 which was facing minor issues. OS 7.6 comes with the ECG functionalities which is its one of the best features. Due to the security as well as bugs apple has released its latest OS update to 7.6.1.

The update to version 7.6.1 can be downloaded from the apple watch application in the iPhone by selecting the setting option than General and then Software update. this updated is free of cost for the apple watch users. The update requires at least 50% battery and the charger should be connected with the watch and should be properly connected with the iPhone.

This update improvises the security patch level and also bugs as well as minor issues have been fixed which will improvise the overall performance of the watch and some minor issues which were creating problems for users have also been fixed for better usage experiences.

As mentioned in the release notes of OS 7.6.1 which consists of the important security patch update as well as it is much important for security improvisations in the watch. according to the release note documents it is clearly mentioned that it consists of a memory issues which has been fixed also in this update. It has been released officially now all the users should install it ASAP for improve the performance of your apple Watch.

Apple will release iPhone SE 3 with A14 bionic chipset Next year

Apple is continuously working on its technological enhancements to deliver high performance products to their users. According to leaks Apple is going to launch its new iPhone SE 3 which is an updated version of iPhone SE with an improvised A14 bionic chipset which also have a big screen of 4.7 inches. Apple is going to release iPhone SE 3 in the mid of the next year.

According to reports iPhone SE will come with one of the best A14 bionic processor and also with enabled 5G technology. with a completely new design, big screen and also improvised camera which is a good news for the Apple users. As per the report the new iPhone SE will be more cheaper 5G phone amongst its successors.

Apple has released iPhone SE in the year 2016 which is the replacement of iPhone 5S after which Apple have done the technological advancements in the processor of iPhone SE with A13 Bionic processor last year. The iPhone SE also consists of some of the changes in specifications and also an A14 bionic chipset processor with 5G technology. According to the features which apple is going to deliver in such a low budget will be definitely liked by its users.

The iPhone SE comes with some of the unique feature which has not consisted by any of the apple's phones which are Touch ID sensor with a home button which will also continued in iPhone SE 3. According to sources it is been known that the company is also working on the design of the iPhone SE and trying to give it a punch hole screen instead of the notch display found in old version which is going to launch in the mid of next year.

Apple's iPhone 12 sale boosts up this quarter

According to the sales data Apple's iPhone 12 has boosted up its sales to a huge extent according to the fiscal budget of apple they have generated around $81 billion of revenue which is 37% much higher than the previous year. Apple have reported around $22 billion of profit which is more than expected by all the company analysts. Company gets more than expected from its devices.

Currently the sale of iPhone 12 series goes much slower because of the slower rate of production. One of the biggest reason should be the shifting of the interest of the people towards the new device of apple which is iPhone 13 which is expected to be announced during the month of September. But unfortunately there had not been a huge impact on sales of the apple iPhone 12 devices and its sales still remains accelerated by 50%.

The company is also making a lot of efforts in the sales by implying huge discounts and offers on their products. Even the sales of the Apple mac's keeps n increasing day by day. According to the CEO Tim Cook Apple's MacBooks have recorded their highest sales in the June quarter. Apple has also launched some of its high performance devices like iMac and iPad Pro which are the most powerful devices of apple.

Apple has now shifted its focus in the improvisation of the technologies which has been used and also on the services which also generated higher revenues for the company. Apple is also focusing on their OS updates which can make their devices to provide high level of performances to its users. Apple will launch major updates during this fall which are IOS 15, iPad OS 15, MacOS Monterey and watch OS 8 which is also a good news for apple customers.

We’re Finally Getting Always-On Display in iPhone 13

As per the information from the leaks it has been stated that latest versions of iPhones are having a unique specification always-on display which is one of the feature of Apple's watch. This feature leads to the improvisation in the battery life of Apple phones and also some more features have been improvised like its refresh rate and a much faster A15 chipset and also an improvised video capture.

According to the leaks the Apple is doing a lot for improvising their products and still working on this always on screen feature for its improvisations as well as updations. its been known that Apple is using one of the best panels in its smartphones which are named as low temperature polycrystalline oxide panels which are also used in its watches for improvisation of iPhone's built quality.

The LTPO display panels are efficient enough which can improvise the build quality of iPhone as well as apple watch which improvises the battery life of both the devices as well as it also improvises their screen refresh rate which leads to the high performance of devices.

There is also a good news for all the apple users according to leaks it has been stated that apple will be announcing MacBook Pro versions with the always-on features of iPhones and watches which should be announced during the fall season by apple till the month of November and the production of MacBook units begins during third quarter with the performance improvisations.

Apple expecting limited supplies of iPhone & iPad in September

As per the news from the CFO of Apple 'Luca Maestri' it is been known that apple is limiting its supplies of iPhone as well as iPad in the month of September. As we all have seen that the apple already limits its supplies from the month of June till now but as per the information it is going to decrease more in the month of September.

Some of the rumours says that apple is doing so just because the Apple iPhone 13 is expected to be launched in the month of September so that it can affects the sales of iPhone 13 models. But it has not been confirmed by Apple till now.

According to the conversation with the CEO of apple Tim Cook he didn't agreed about this thing and said that he doesn't want to predict this thing but yes there is a shortage of materials in our industries according to the increasing demand of the users the availability is much lower and also due to the shortage of the parts we are lowering the supplies than the demand.

CEO also confirmed that the component costs are lowered but unfortunately due to increase in freight charges they are paying much higher costs for the supplies. This is one of the major reasons due to which Apple is limiting its supplies till September.

IPad mini 6 leak Confirmed

As per the leaks it is known that the apple is launching its iPad mini 6. This is the 6th generation iPad comes with the much bigger display then the current one because apple is offering 8.3 inches of display with thinner bezels because in this edition the apple has removed the home button from the screen.

The iPad mini 6 was expected to launch in this fall season but the exact date of launch has not been leaked. This will be the only one in its segment of apple iPad’s to offer such a bigger display of 9 inches.

Before there were some of the rumours that it comes with the home button and also it has been said by the rumours that its design will be the same like the iPad 4 but it is now been confirmed that there will be no home button.

As per the leaks Apple is providing the processor chipset of A15 or A14 which is also one of the best features amongst all the iPad versions. It is also expected that it comes with a standard display and a USB c port which is also one unique feature because Apple is always providing the lightning ports in their devices.

Bug fixes & details about Apple IOS 14.7


It has been reported that apple has now fixed bugs and issues faced by their users in the

latest update of iOS 14.7 earlier users were facing many issues in the iOS 14 like

overheating of device, critical drainage of battery and many more problems which was

largely faced by the users of iPhone 12 Pro.

The iOS 14 has been released by Apple in the month of September 2020 which was powered

by Cupertino. Which brings a wide variety of features in the apple phones like smart

widgets with the feature of customisation, App clip which enables users to access some

features of different apps without downloading them and many more things.

After the release the users were facing different problems with the OS like low or no

responsiveness of the lock screen, issues with wireless charging, lagging of some apps, issue

with sensor calibration, heavy battery drainage, audio problem in apple music etc. However,

apple have tried to solve these issues by releasing different updates like 14.1.1, 14.2.1, 14.3,

14.4, 14.5, 14.5.1, 14.6 and also their beta versions as well but unfortunately these issues

wer not properly fixed.

But with the release of iOS 14.7 on 19th of July 2021 all the bugs and issues listed above were

fixed but also some of the issues were still not fixed like unresponsive FaceTime on I-Pad

pro, issues with SMS, overheating and many more.

Download: iPhone Xs, iPhone Xs Max, iPhone XR Beautiful Official Wallpapers

Apple just annuonced its brand new iPhone Xs, iPhone Xs Max, and iPhone XR. If you need to get your hands on these 2018 iPhone wallpapers, you can grab them straight from below. There are total 14 of exclusive wallpapers from Apple's latest flagships.

Downloadable in two different qualities, the wallpaper won’t only look good on your own smartphone, but will look great on your tablets, too.

To get it on your phone, you can simply save the image from below.

We'll update other wallpapers when available in High Quality. Stay tuned to our Facebook, Twitter, and Telegram to get the first News.

Credits: AR72014 | Image: Cnet

iPhone X scores 97 in DxOMark camera ranking

iPhone X scores 97 in DxOMark camera ranking
DxOMark has given the Apple iPhone X overall camera score of 97, which is way up there in the list of smartphones but a point less than the powerful Google Pixel 2 with 98 DxOMark score.

The iPhone X features dual 12MP sensors, including the wide-angle f/1.8 lens with optical image stabilization (OIS) for the main camera and telephoto lens that features a wider-aperture f/2.4 lens with OIS for secondary camera.

In the breakdown, DxOMark said that the iPhone X is one of the best smartphone they have tested. It is better than iPhone 8 Plus and Note 8.

With a Photo score of 101, the Apple iPhone X achieves the best results so far for still images, edging out the Huawei Mate 10 Pro and the Samsung Galaxy Note 8, the previous joint leaders in the Photo ranking, by one point. Compared to its cousin iPhone 8 Plus, the X improves noticeably on Zoom performance, but also does better in terms of Exposure, Color, Texture, Noise and Artifacts. Other key strengths in still image mode include very good exposures and HDR images, accurate color rendering, good detail with low noise, as well as a natural-looking bokeh effect in Portrait mode.

For video, the X doesn’t quite rise to the same high-water mark, achieving a video sub-score of 89 points. With its key strengths good exposure with fast convergence during lighting changes, accurate color rendering as well as fast and accurate autofocus and effective video stabilization, the X’s scores are almost identical to the iPhone 8 Plus’s. Its overall score of 97 puts the iPhone X into joint second place with the Huawei Mate 10 in the current DxOMark Mobile overall rankings, just behind the Google Pixel 2 with 98 points.

Download iPhone X's New Ringtone

You can now download the new iPhone X's Exclusive Ringtone "Reflection" for your Smartphone.

If you want to try it on your Android, all you need to do is place the file into the specific Ringtone folder in your phone's storage and select them from the sound picker.

To get it on your iPhone, connect your iPhone to the computer via USB and launch iTunes. Drag Reflection file into iTunes and then head into Settings, Tap on “Sound & Haptics” and then “Ringtone” and select Reflection.

Download for Android

Download for iPhone

About iPhone X: It comes with a 5.8-inch all-screen OLED Super Retina HD display, Face Unlock Security feature, and Different design. It is powered with the new A11 Bionic chip with 64-bit architecture, 2GB RAM, 64GB/256 storage, 12MP camera with OIS and ƒ/1.8 aperture, 7MP ƒ/2.2 front camera, fast and wireless charging, IP67 water and dust resistance, and iOS 11.

iPhone X's A11 Bionic Chip blows the Galaxy Note 8, Galaxy S8, and OnePlus 5 out of the water

iPhone X's A11 Bionic Chip blows the Galaxy Note 8, S8, and OnePlus 5 out of the water
Last week Apple announced the Almost Bezel-less iPhone X along with the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus. The iPhone X comes with a 5.8-inch all-screen OLED Super Retina HD display, and Face Unlock Security feature.

This time Apple used its own A11 Bionic chipset in the iPhone X and duo iPhone 8(s). The SoC has six CPU cores, with the ability to run all of them simultaneously.

Now, the iPhone X went through GeekBench 4, and both the the single-core and multi-core scores prove that the chipset is indeed very powerful. With A11 Bionic chipset, the iPhone X beats all the 2017 flagship Smartphones in the market including the Samsung Galaxy Note 8, Samsung Galaxy S8,  Samsung Galaxy S8+ and the OnePlus 5.

The multi-core scores for the iPhone X is at 10,069 while the single-core score for the iPhone X is at 4,188. Apple claims that the A11 Bionic chip features a 64-bit architecture with Neural Engine and Embedded M11 motion coprocessor. It's a six-core CPU design with two performance cores that are 25 percent faster than the company's A10 Fusion
iPhone X's A11 Bionic Chip blows the Galaxy Note 8, S8, and OnePlus 5 out of the water
iPhone X's A11 Bionic Chip blows the Galaxy Note 8, S8, and OnePlus 5 out of the water

//Image: GSMArena

Apple Announces iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, and iPhone X

Apple Announces iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, and iPhone X
We don't talk about Apple that much, but the new iPhone(s) are exciting. Apple has finally unveiled the new iPhone 8 family along with the futuristic iPhone X during Apple Event. Please welcome in the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, and iPhone X with a whole new design and features.

With the regular iPhone 8, you get a 4.7-inch Retina HD display, A11 Bionic chip with 64-bit architecture, 2GB RAM, 64GB/256 storage, 12MP camera with OIS and ƒ/1.8 aperture, 7MP ƒ/2.2 front camera, 1960mAh battery, fast and wireless charging, IP67 water and dust resistance, and iOS 11.

The iPhone 8 Plus isn’t much different, but it does have the bigger 5.5-inch Retina HD display, Dual 12MP wide-angle and telephoto cameras, and a bigger 2900mAh battery. The rest is the same.

The iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus will be offered in a rich color palette including Gold, Silver, Space Gray.

Now, let's talk about the iPhone X. It comes with a 5.8-inch all-screen OLED Super Retina HD display, Face Unlock Security feature, and Different design. The rest is the same as iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus.
Apple Announces iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, and iPhone X
The iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus will be available for pre-order from September 15 starting $699 and will be available for sale on September 22. iPhone X will be available for pre-order from October 27 starting $999. Thoughts?

Lenovo-Motorola mocks Apple's RED iPhone 7

Lenovo-Motorola mocks Apple's RED iPhone 7

Recently Apple announced iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus (PRODUCT)RED Special Edition in a vibrant red aluminum finish. The latest product from the company will be available to order online worldwide and in stores beginning March 24. Although these iPhone versions do not offer any software or hardware improvements compared to the Standard iPhones 7 from 2016.

With the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus Red Special Edition launch, Motorola and Lenovo take some sly swipes at its biggest rival with a Post on Chinese social media website "Weibo".
Someone imitates my face, and someone imitates my "products", but you can not imitate my taste! (Translated) Lenovo wrote in a Weibo post.

Lenovo also asks users to re-share the Weibo post in order to get a chance to win the Power Pack Micro power bank.

Note that Lenovo isn't making fun of the RED charity campaign, but making fun of apple for copying concepts.


Via: Lenovo (Weibo) | Moto (Weibo)

All the Variants of Apple iPhone 8 to Feature Wireless Charging: KGI Analyst

Apple will be working hard to bring many changes in their upcoming iPhone 8, which will also mark the 10th year for Apple iPhones. With that said, leaks and rumors are pouring in regarding the phone. 
This time, popular Apple analyst from KGI Securities, Ming-Chi suggest that all the variants of Apple iPhone 8 will have support for wireless charging, which also means that the iPhone 8 will move away from the metal bodies and we will be back to iPhones with the glass body. 
According to the analyst, the Apple iPhone 8 will be released in three variants and all of them will have support for wireless charging. Also, the iPhone 8 will use an OLED display, which further results in price hike and rumors say that it will cost more than $1000 (approx. Rs. 67,000).