Introduction of foldable phones by Apple in 2023

Introduction of foldable phones by Apple in 2023


Apple is planning a lot of technological enhancements in their devices like camera, body as well as OS. the company is working for the improvisation in their devices for providing high performance to their gadgets like iPhones, iPads, iMac, apple watch as well as MacBook and many more. According to the latest leaks it is known that apple is planning a foldable range of iPhones with foldable QHD display and many more technological improvisations.

According to the information from the surveys it has been cleared that apple is going to launch the foldable iPhones with a larger display of 8 inches with QHD display as well as foldable OLED display in the year 2023. The report of the foldable phone technology has been presented in front of the investors. According to information the apple is making a contract with SDC as a supplier of displays and also with Samsung foundry for getting the Exclusive DDI.

The apple's high end smartphones will consists of the foldable display technology which can boost up the sales of the phone because of the foldable displays on which each and every smartphone company is working to introduce it in the market. Apple is one of the giant company of smartphones this technology will make the company boosts its market performance because of the the trend of foldable smartphones.

According to the leaks it has believed by the analysts that the apple will launch its upcoming iPhones will consists of the silver nanowire touch solutions which is one of the best as well as long lasting displays for the devices. This technology is already used by apple in HomePods which will save the revenues of the company and also lowers the manufacturing costs of the foldable iPhones.

The Apple is going to launch its foldable iPhones with a huge display of 7.7 to 8 inches which is also a good thing. Different types of rumours are also been displayed by people about the introduction of foldable smartphones by Apple but according to analysts the foldable technology will be introduced by the company till the year 2023 but is has not been officially confirmed by the company till now so let's wait and watch.

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