Apple watch OS 7.6.1 released with security updates

Apple watch OS 7.6.1 released with security updates


Apple has released a latest update in Watch OS which is 7.6.1 with some of the improvisations, bug fixes as well as security updates. The watch OS 7 is released during September 2020 and after that two weeks before apple has released watch OS 7.6 which was facing minor issues. OS 7.6 comes with the ECG functionalities which is its one of the best features. Due to the security as well as bugs apple has released its latest OS update to 7.6.1.

The update to version 7.6.1 can be downloaded from the apple watch application in the iPhone by selecting the setting option than General and then Software update. this updated is free of cost for the apple watch users. The update requires at least 50% battery and the charger should be connected with the watch and should be properly connected with the iPhone.

This update improvises the security patch level and also bugs as well as minor issues have been fixed which will improvise the overall performance of the watch and some minor issues which were creating problems for users have also been fixed for better usage experiences.

As mentioned in the release notes of OS 7.6.1 which consists of the important security patch update as well as it is much important for security improvisations in the watch. according to the release note documents it is clearly mentioned that it consists of a memory issues which has been fixed also in this update. It has been released officially now all the users should install it ASAP for improve the performance of your apple Watch.

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