Goggle Contacts gets the first full Material You redesign on Android 12

Goggle Contacts gets the first full Material You redesign on Android 12



With every new Android version, Google introduces new design overhauls and quality-of-life improvements, and Android 12 is no exception. Back in 2014, Google introduced Material design to the world, since then we have come a long way with material UI in our smartphones, material design just make in-app experience more immersive, while being simple and beautiful.

With Android 12 Google introduced "Material You", which according to Google is "a radical new way to think about design". Google has designed Material You to adapt color palettes of any app—not just Google’s—to the user’s unique Material palette in real time.


Google is now implementing their new material design in Google Apps now. The first app to get a full-redesign is Google Contacts app. Starting from the app layout to the button designs every thing got a new Dynamic Color overhaul.


The Google Contacts Update is rolling out on Android 12 with version 3.50 via Play Store. While Android 12 is needed to get the best experience with the Material You design but the design changes are also live on Android 11.

As of now Google Contacts is the only app to get full Material You redesign, while other Google Apps implemented some aspects of the new UI, like Files which has a new Material You bottom bar, Google Camera and GBoard got new Dynamic Colors update.

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