Apple's iPhone 12 sale boosts up this quarter

Apple's iPhone 12 sale boosts up this quarter


According to the sales data Apple's iPhone 12 has boosted up its sales to a huge extent according to the fiscal budget of apple they have generated around $81 billion of revenue which is 37% much higher than the previous year. Apple have reported around $22 billion of profit which is more than expected by all the company analysts. Company gets more than expected from its devices.

Currently the sale of iPhone 12 series goes much slower because of the slower rate of production. One of the biggest reason should be the shifting of the interest of the people towards the new device of apple which is iPhone 13 which is expected to be announced during the month of September. But unfortunately there had not been a huge impact on sales of the apple iPhone 12 devices and its sales still remains accelerated by 50%.

The company is also making a lot of efforts in the sales by implying huge discounts and offers on their products. Even the sales of the Apple mac's keeps n increasing day by day. According to the CEO Tim Cook Apple's MacBooks have recorded their highest sales in the June quarter. Apple has also launched some of its high performance devices like iMac and iPad Pro which are the most powerful devices of apple.

Apple has now shifted its focus in the improvisation of the technologies which has been used and also on the services which also generated higher revenues for the company. Apple is also focusing on their OS updates which can make their devices to provide high level of performances to its users. Apple will launch major updates during this fall which are IOS 15, iPad OS 15, MacOS Monterey and watch OS 8 which is also a good news for apple customers.

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