Upcoming Windows 9 will feature new Start Menu

Upcoming Windows 9 will feature new Start Menu


Microsoft Windows 8 was very Successful in New design , Hence Microsoft forgot to give Start Menu in Windows 8 but has given it again in The New Windows 8.1 . Microsoft Windows 8 version Bought many vast and new Changes in The Windows Os . Hence We have to wait to know what changes will be in Windows 9 .

Hence We have Got the leaked ScreenShots of Windows 9 Home screen and Start Menu . Myce.com has recently leaked Some ScreenShots of Windows 9 Showing its Start Menu . The Start Menu of Windows 9 has many new Changes - Windows 9 Start Menu will Show Two Panels , The first panel will be same as Windows 7 apps and The Second panel will be of Windows 8 Apps , Calender , news , mail and more . 

Windows 9 is expected to be rolled out On April 2015 and Will get many vast changes and many bugs fixes ( that have came with windows 8 ) . Windows 9 will also get compatibility update and New Microsoft Store will be there . 

Windows Phone users will be also crazy for the new changes , We will post here if we got any news About that . 

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