4 Upcoming Smartphones We are waiting for

Every-Day One Smartphone get launched by one Company and no body cares for it . But When the big companies like - Samsung , Google , Motorola , Apple , Sony , Htc and others Launches their Flagship Phones , every body loose their minds . Even rumors and some leaks get rounded before the date of launch . So there are 5 list of Upcoming Smartphones we all are waiting for their launch .

1. Google Nexus 6 -

Google is a very big company and they don't even launch new phones every day , but when they launch , every body loose their minds . Google Nexus series is a big success to Google Smartphone company and always the new Nexus comes with new Android out of the box . We all are waiting for Google Nexus 6 launch . Google Nexus 6 will features awesome specs . It will come with New Android L .

2. Motorola Moto G2 -

After a successful hit of Motorola Moto G , Motorola has became 4th largest Indian company also Motorola Moto G has became most sold Smartphone of 2014 till now . Motorola Is now all set to launch Moto G2 with all new Features and All new Price . Motorola will add ext sdcard capability to Moto G2 and it will come with Android l and may be it will rock once again .

3. Samsung Galaxy Note 4 -

Samsung Worlds no. 1 Smartphone company is once again launching its Flagship Smartphone , Yes Samsung Galaxy Note 4 .Seems there is no craze about Samsung Galaxy Note 4 , as they will increase the size and specs and no new changes will be there . Also they will include Fingerprint Scanner and It will be priced very High . Whatever there are still many Samsung lovers even I uses Samsung Galaxy Smartphone . 

4. Apple Iphone 6 -

The Giant Smartphone Company , Yeah Apple . Apple new Giant Flagship is Going to be Apple Iphone 6 that will come with variety of Specs and new Ios 8 operating System . Also this time Apple Iphone 6 will come with 4.7 inch and 5.5 inch screen . New Iphone 6 will be launched in 5 September according to rumors .


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