Want to Use WhatsApp + ( Plus ) Again : U can't

Want to Use WhatsApp + ( Plus ) Again : U can't


Today , WhatsApp made a big decision to remove its third party clone i.e WhatsApp plus . Finally WhatsApp plus is now of no use and also WhatsApp Plus maker has officially announced " 21 Jan 2015 , RIP WhatsApp Plus " .

WhatsApp plus was made by a great developer  , and Its mod version was created by Rahil ( Developer ) . WhatsApp plus came with lots of features such as Hiding last seen , Enabling themes on your WhatsApp , Changing color of WhatsApp icon and more . 

WhatsApp plus was innovative idea , but was disrespected by WhatsApp ( Orignal company ) from starting . Also The thread of WhatsApp plus got removed from Xda earlier and now its fianlly banned . 

WhatsApp also banned users who were using Whatsapp Plus for 24 hours . The users will get free from the ban after 24 hours and they can use normal WhatsApp after it .


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