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WhatsApp Payments coming soon

WhatsApp has been around for a while and the company is really good at bringing out new features that its user demands. One of the big features that WhatsApp users have been requesting for a long time is the ability to make payments.

Well, WhatsApp Payments could soon turn into a reality as the company has pushed WhatsApp version 2.17.295 for the Beta users which includes the mentions of WhatsApp Payments.

Additionally, Thanks to Wabetainfo, we have our first look into the upcoming potential feature. The WhatsApp Payments will allow users for immediate bank to bank transfers or maybe WhatsApp to Bank transfer.
WhatsApp Payments coming soon
That said, the feature is still under development and might get rolled out when fully stable and working. Thoughts?

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Indians are Consuming More than 50 Million WhatsApp Video Minutes Per Day More Than Any Other Country Globally

Back in November 2016, WhatsApp introduced the video calls feature to its platform, and the company now says Indians are in love with the feature. According to the Facebook-owned company, Indians are consuming a total of 50 million video minutes each day.

This number may not be a surprising one as an excess of 200 million users are active on WhatsApp, making it the largest than any other country. 

Across the globe, the company is receiving a total of 340 million video calls, out of which 50 million is from India. The video calling feature is a huge hit for the company because of its simple user interface. 

Currently, WhatsApp has over 1.2 billion active users, and the number is significantly increasing with every passing day. The company is also working to add various new features to the application. 

You can now pin WhatsApp messages at the top of the chat screen

You can now pin WhatsApp messages at the top of the chat screen
As rumored earlier, Facebook-owned WhatsApp has finally added the ‘Pinned chats’ feature to their latest Beta. The update comes as version 2.17.163 and allows the users to pin messages at the top of the chat screen.

With this new update, users will be able to pin chats (not more than 3, at the moment) by just selecting the contact or group on the chat screen and tapping on the pin button, placed next to the delete button. One can easily unpin the pinned chat by selecting the pinned chat and tapping on the unpin button.

WhatsApp seems to be playing catch-up. It recently copied the Snapchat-like Photo-Video Story feature and put it under the Status section. Now, the instant messaging platform has turned its app into a Telegram clone by overhauling the concept of Pin Chats.

To enjoy the Pin Chat feature, grab the latest WhatsApp beta 2.17.163 by joining the Play Store official beta channel here.

WhatsApp to Integrate UPI Based Payment System into the App Itself

Facebook-owned WhatsApp is looking to enter into the digital payments segment by integrating a UPI-based P2P money transfer system for easy transfer of money claims some reports

WhatsApp, earlier this year suggested that the company is looking into the digital payments system in India to help people bail out the cash crunch situations. WhatsApp will partner with certain banks to roll out the service initially.

It was also reported that the instant messaging platform was ready to roll out the services, but the change in RBI guidelines last month forced the company to change its plans and to work on a new business model. 

If WhatsApp ever enters the digital payments segment, it will surely change how the sector currently in India. 

Welcome back: WhatsApp Text Status

Welcome back: WhatsApp Text Status

Recently, WhatsApp killed the 'Text Status' feature and launched a new Instagram and Snap Stories like tab to its interface. Now, there is a new Status tab in the home screen itself and every user can post the photos and videos as their status, which will disappear after 24 hours.

The update received criticism from many users who wanted the old text-based status message back. Now, WhatsApp rolled out a new update i.e. WhatsApp v2.17.95 for Beta testers and surprisingly the new update includes the old "Text Status" feature. 

If you are a WhatsApp Android Beta tester, just update the WhatsApp Application. To view or set a status your old text-status
Just tap the three dots given at the top right corner of the WhatsApp interface > go to Settings > tap on the display picture > go to 'About and phone number' and you will be ready to 
set your status just like earlier.

Welcome back: WhatsApp Text Status

Note that your WhatsApp contact must be having the same latest Beta version installed in order to view your Text-Status.

Become WhatsApp beta tester

Download latest WhatsApp beta

WhatsApp Revamps Status Feature; Becomes a Replica to Snap Stories

Facebook wants to make all their platforms on a same note. After introducing the Instagram Stories, the company is now back with the same feature for WhatsApp as well. 

After eight long years, WhatsApp is revamping the 'Status' feature which functions same as the Instagram and Snap Stories feature. Now, there will be a new Status tab in the home screen itself and every user can post the photos and videos as their status, which will disappear after 24 hours. 

There's isn't much to speak about the feature. WhatsApp on their blog stated that the feature will be rolling out in India starting today and will reach all the users by the end of this month. 

WhatsApp upcoming feature will allow users to revoke and edit messages

WhatsApp upcoming feature will allow users to revoke and edit messages

WhatsApp is planning to introduce two new features that will probably change the way you chat with your friends/family. 

According to reports, WhatsApp is working on a feature that will allow users to revoke and edit messages which they have sent.

Revoking will immediately delete the message you have sent. Apparently, revoking messages feature will also delete photos and videos in the phone of the recipient. This feature is different from existing delete option where contents are only deleted from sender's phone and not recipients.

WhatsApp upcoming feature will allow users to revoke and edit messages

The edit option will let users to edit or change the sent text message. This should really be helpful considering we all type messages on our virtual keypad where the chances of typos are really high.


WhatsApp Beta adds Video Calling support

Yesterday, WhatsApp rolled out a new update i.e. WhatsApp v2.16.318 for Beta testers and surprisingly the new update includes the most awaited Whatsapp feature i.e. Video Calling.

If you are a WhatsApp Android Beta tester, just update the WhatsApp Application. To make a video call your WhatsApp contact must be having the same latest Beta version installed. 
Just Tap the Call icon and you will be ready to make your first Video Call.

WhatsApp Beta adds Video Calling support

The User Interface of WhatsApp Video Call is simple, One can use the Rear or Front Camera, Can do WhatsApp text at the same time and Mute the Voice.

WhatsApp Beta adds Video Calling support

Whatsapp Upcoming features sneak peek, Includes Video Calling!

Whatsapp Upcoming features sneak peek, Includes Video Calling!

WhatsApp upcoming features:-

1.The app will be more elegant and awesome.

2.The new update will make the emoji look beautiful and bigger in size.

3.When a user send an emoji to another the emoji will appear at a bigger size and clear.

4.Some new stickers will be added.

Whatsapp Upcoming features sneak peek, Includes Video Calling!

Whatsapp Upcoming features sneak peek, Includes Video Calling!

The new update will let an user to forward any files, documents etc by just tapping a new button right or left side of that file, image or document. The forward button at the top will be changed to the same as the reply button with an opposite side.

And the most unpredictable feature is video calling through WhatsApp.

WhatsApp may soon let you protect your chats with a passcode

WhatsApp may soon let you protect your chats with a passcode

As soon as Facebook owned WhatsApp , they made it more secure. Several updates made it reliable. Back in April WhatsApp's personal chats became secured with end -to-end encryption.

As WhatsApp is the most used means of communication , so there are many personal files, documents are shared and this new update 
will let you provide you a highly secure platform to use.

A news roll about the new update of WhatsApp which will let you to add a 6- digit passcode for your personal chats.

We will let you know as soon as said update available for users. Stay tuned .

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What are the most popular chat apps in the world?

SimilarWeb posted a study showing the most used chat apps per country. Take a look...

The study gathers data from all Android devices in almost 190 countries. As expected, WhatsApp is the winner of them all, though some interesting facts come out of this study. The USA and Canada have Facebook Messenger as its most used chat app, while some Eastern Europe and African countries use Viber. Line and Telegram have little popularity while WeChat is the #1 chat service in China.

As you can see, Facebook, which bought WhatsApp some time ago, dominates the world of smartphone messaging with its two applications. Overall, WhatsApp is the #1 service in 109 countries.

What about you? What's your main messaging app?

WhatsApp to Introduce Video Calls, NFC Tags And Group Invites, Voicemail, And Zip File Sharing soon !

WhatsApp , the most popular messaging application is going to bring many new features soon in the future updates . 

According to Android Police , Some of the new features that WhatsApp is working on includes - Video Calls, NFC Tags And Group Invites, Voicemail, And Zip File Sharing .

Rumors are there that WhatsApp is working on a new feature i.e Video Call or Video Calling .Some IOS users who are running beta version of WhatsApp have already got this feature .

Other features includes NFC Tags and Group Invites , Voicemail service and Zip File sharing .

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WhatsApp to End support for Symbian , BlackBerry and Windows Phones

If you are a regular WhatsApp user and using an Older Symbian , Blackberry or Windows Smartphone then you are probably Doomed !

WhatsApp announced that it will be ending support for BlackBerry, including BlackBerry 10, Nokia S40, Nokia Symbian S60, Android 2.1 and Android 2.2, and Windows Phone 7.1 by the end of 2016 .

So , If you are still using an Older version of Symbian , Blackberry or Windows OS then you will not be able to use WhatsApp by the end of 2016 .

Why , WhatsApp is doing all this ? 

The reason is simple , most of the mobile users use Android and iOS Smartphones and WhatsApp will not support the Os which is used by only a little no. of peoples .

New Bug Allows you to Crash Someone's Whatsapp

The most popular messaging app , Whatsapp has a quite major bug that allows someone to Crash your whatsapp by sending just Few Thousands on Smileys .

This bug is found by Indrajeet Bhuyan , he found that sending more than a couple of Smileys ( Say 4000+ ) will crash anyone's Whatsapp due to " overflowing the buffer " .

New Bug Allows you to Crash Someone's Whatsapp

Here's How to Crash someones's Whatsapp with Smileys  ( For Educational Purpose only ) -

Step 1. Open via Mozilla firefox ( PC / Mac ) .

Step 2. Login to Web Whatsapp ( Just Scan the QR code given on the desktop screen through your Smartphone's Whatsapp app ) .

Step 3.  Now Choose a Target ( Open chat of any of your friend ) .

Note - Ask him to take a backup of Whatsapp , as now his /her Whatsapp is going to crash .

Step 4. Now Start typing 4000+ Smileys ( Do Copy paste , but don't copy more than 100 smileys ) .

Step 5. Send it ! Now your Browser will stop responding ( Just wait ) .

Watch the video for full procedure -



WhatsApp Getting banned in UK in few weeks !

The biggest Social Messaging app might be getting banned soon in UK under the new legislation ( Snooper's Charter ) . 

The bill, nicknamed "Snooper's Charter," would prevent people from sending encrypted messages and could be in place this fall .

WhatsApp Getting banned in UK in few weeks !

Along with WhatsApp Popular Social Messaging apps like iMessage , Snapchat and few more messaging apps are getting banned too .


No more Whatsapp Plus

Whatsapp Permanent Ban

Whatsapp Plus makers recently made Whatsapp Plus officially dead , Because Whatsapp has officially said to ban people who are using Whatsapp Plus .

Read full news - Want To Use WhatsApp + ( Plus ) Again : U Can't

 But still Rahil , Who makes Mods for Whatsapp plus made an Anti Ban feature mod of Whatsapp plus . By which whatsapp will not be able to ban Whatsapp Plus users .

Whatsapp yesterday only revealed a way to Ban even the people who were using Anti ban Whatsapp Plus , More over Whatsapp gave a notice to Rahil to close his website ( Osmdroid ) .

Read here - WhatsApp Plus 6.76 Available Again With Anti Ban Feature

So now no more Whatsapp Plus , Also we recommend Those people who are still using Whatsapp Plus to switch to Official Whatsapp Version or get ready to get Banned permanently by Whatsapp .

How to Enable WhatsApp Calling feature

WhatsApp introduced new Calling feature in a new update 2.11.508 and its available for few users only . Also WhatsApp seems copying the technique of Google Inbox .  It means If you want WhatsApp Calling feature , You need an Invite from others who have this feature already .

WhatsApp Calling feature

WhatsApp Calling feature also can be Enabled by a simple trick and its working surely . So follow the below trick to get WhatsApp calling feature working .

Proof -

WhatsApp Calling feature

How to Enable WhatsApp Calling feature - 

Note -  You must be rooted to enable this feature .

Step 1. Download Latest WhatsApp Application for Android from - Here

Step 2. Update your WhatsApp by Installing the above Downloaded latest WhatsApp application .

Step 3. Open Root Explorer or Es file Explorer and Go to 

        Data > Data > com.whatsapp > shared_prefs > com.whatsapp_preferences.xml

Step 4. Edit the above file and Add these two lines after <map> -

<boolean name="call" value="true" />
<string name="call_allowed">all</string>

Step 5. Now save the file and Go to Settings > Apps and Force Stop WhatsApp .

Step 6. Open your WhatsApp now ... and its done :D

WhatsApp Plus 6.76 Available again with Anti Ban feature

Few days before only WhatsApp banned the users who were using WhatsApp plus ( Modded version of WhatsApp ) . 

I have said that Now you will not be able to use WhatsApp + again but i have to take my words back , As devs can do anything . 
Rahil ( who is a known developer ) has hacked WhatsApp Plus again and he has modded the version of WhatsApp plus and removed the Ban ,

Here are few features he added to The New WhatsApp Plus 6.76 -

  •  HIDE LAST SEEN Online Status Blue Ticks Double Tick
  •  Apply and make themes of your choice
  •  Immersive mod for 4.4+ devices
  •  Change icon notification color
  •  Upload PHOTOS and VIDEOS with no compression 
  •  Maximum upload size to 30 MB
  •  Material Design 
  •  And much much more try and Experience yourself
  • Anti Ban feature
Head Ahead to Download and Instructions - Here on XDA

Want to Use WhatsApp + ( Plus ) Again : U can't

Today , WhatsApp made a big decision to remove its third party clone i.e WhatsApp plus . Finally WhatsApp plus is now of no use and also WhatsApp Plus maker has officially announced " 21 Jan 2015 , RIP WhatsApp Plus " .

WhatsApp plus was made by a great developer  , and Its mod version was created by Rahil ( Developer ) . WhatsApp plus came with lots of features such as Hiding last seen , Enabling themes on your WhatsApp , Changing color of WhatsApp icon and more . 

WhatsApp plus was innovative idea , but was disrespected by WhatsApp ( Orignal company ) from starting . Also The thread of WhatsApp plus got removed from Xda earlier and now its fianlly banned . 

WhatsApp also banned users who were using Whatsapp Plus for 24 hours . The users will get free from the ban after 24 hours and they can use normal WhatsApp after it .

[How to]Install WhatsApp Messenger on Tablet

WhatsApp is most popular Messaging app . WhatsApp lets users to send free messages and smilies , Photos , videos , audios , and some files from WhatsApp to WhatsApp user .

 WhatsApp is available for free on Playstore for Android , But The original WhatsApp can't be installed on Tab ( Android Tablets ) . But i have found a trick to trick whatsapp and Get it installed on Any Tablet .

What you need - 

1. An Android smartphone (rooted - find on google )
2. An Android tablet (rooted - find on google ) 
3. Titanium Backup - download here 

How to Install Whatsapp to Tab -

1. First install WhatsApp On Android smartphone ( if already installed then skip this step )
2. Download Titanium Backup from above link .
3. Use Titanium Backup to Backup full whatsapp ( Apk + data )
4. Now Copy your Titanium Backup folder from your Android smartphone and Paste it on Your Tab memory .
5.  Now Install Titanium Backup on Your Tab and Restore Whatsapp from it .
6. Enjoy !!

If you find any problem then please comment below !