[How to]Install WhatsApp Messenger on Tablet

[How to]Install WhatsApp Messenger on Tablet


WhatsApp is most popular Messaging app . WhatsApp lets users to send free messages and smilies , Photos , videos , audios , and some files from WhatsApp to WhatsApp user .

 WhatsApp is available for free on Playstore for Android , But The original WhatsApp can't be installed on Tab ( Android Tablets ) . But i have found a trick to trick whatsapp and Get it installed on Any Tablet .

What you need - 

1. An Android smartphone (rooted - find on google )
2. An Android tablet (rooted - find on google ) 
3. Titanium Backup - download here 

How to Install Whatsapp to Tab -

1. First install WhatsApp On Android smartphone ( if already installed then skip this step )
2. Download Titanium Backup from above link .
3. Use Titanium Backup to Backup full whatsapp ( Apk + data )
4. Now Copy your Titanium Backup folder from your Android smartphone and Paste it on Your Tab memory .
5.  Now Install Titanium Backup on Your Tab and Restore Whatsapp from it .
6. Enjoy !!

If you find any problem then please comment below !


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