Which Smartphone Company will own the Future ?

Smartphones ! When they came ? How they came ? When they were first started and made .

Google "Android" has rocked the world and There are approximately no smartphone without android that are ruling the world yet .So here in this post The major companies that has started android smartphones and now their situation and in future they will rule the smartphone world or not !

Nokia is the first company that have ruled the Mobile world in 19s and till 20s , But the worst part that Nokia has done , By selling it self to Microsoft , Nokia was making huge profit , But after selling Itself to Microsoft they loose all the market customers . We all were accepting a android smartphone from Nokia , The android Smartphone which will declare - " Nokia Is back " . But no luck ! Microsoft did the same ! They Launched android , But given them windowed look . The smartphone goes on sale and many units sold , But it was not like those sell that made a benchmarks in 19s . Now Nokia has no luck also , Many humans has buyed smartphones . Nokia will loose the future customer finally soon !

Samsung is the most selling Smartphone company world wide . Samsung get lucky after the launch of Google Android ! They started innovating and Goes on making smartphone's . Those smartphones were very Expensive , But we are able to say that , Yes ! We own Samsung galaxy ! . As the years passed , Samsung also started loosing their customers . They are not updating a single phone to latest android os . Also their 18 months policy has got them down the world , They have almost loosed their customers , They are not doing , The thing which is accepted . They will not rule the future smartphone tech ! Although they can recover , by giving some attention to old customers :/ .

Apple my boy ! Apple is making future and will make future . The Iphone series will rock the world and will is rocking android platform also . The operating system IOS is very succesful , also Apple is not insane like all others company , They make only single series smartphone . They are not likes others , Which goes on making smartphones " each in a day " ! You know the company , we are talking about ! Just want to say a word - The future is of apple !

Htc , The first android smartphone maker company , It is ruling now also , But its not selling much products , Like that of Samsung and Apple . Their products has no innovation , No new thing , May be they will remain same till the future . Htc have a potential to become a company that can rule the world , but they are not showing any innovation , also they are going on and developing many smartphones , May be they will do the same in future .

Google ! Yeah Its Google ! Google will surely rock the world and is rocking The world , Approx 80% of the population have android system . Google Nexus series ! Every one buys it because of , Its a Google smartphone . It will get all the future updates ! Also a good looking smartphone . Google had already buyed Motorola that is also making huge money , by making a budget smartphone with MOTO series . Google will do something innovative and will surely rock the future !

There are many other companies ! Yes they will now be categories into others , That are now are negligible ! But can hold the future , Who knows :D

Conclusion - The companies that were in the past -

Nokia > Apple > Samsung > Blackberry

The companies that is now a days 

Samsung > Apple > Google + (motorola) > Htc > Lg > Nokia

The companies that will be in future -

Apple > Google + (motorola ) > Htc > Nokia > Lg > Samsung 

You can give your reviews below :)

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