How to Solve Samsung Galaxy S4 I9500 Heating issue

How to Solve Samsung Galaxy S4 I9500 Heating issue


Recently I bought Samsung Galaxy S4 and felt that the device is too much heating , I immediately returned it to Amazon . Although Samsung Galaxy S4 has amazing specs and an amazing camera . Overall Its an nice phone and is up gradable to Android Lollipop and has tons of Custom Roms and Developer support !

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Samsung Galaxy S4 normally heats too much as compared to other Smartphones ,.As the Heating issue will continue , but we can minimize the heating problem by following these points .

  • Close Reading mode and Smart scroll mode , if you are not using it .

  • Open Developer option and Off All the animations .

  • Open Quick Settings and Close all the Smart features including Smart Stay , Smart pause , Air gesture , Air view etc .

  • Go to Settings > LED indicator and deselect All of them .

  • Remove all the unwanted Widgets from your Home Screen .

  • Other - Uninstall Unwanted apps , Remove bloatware by rooting your Samsung Galaxy S4 ( search on google ) , Clear cache , Use clean master ( It really works ) . 

Following This your Samsung Galaxy S4 will stop getting overheated ( hence heating will persist ) . Your Device temperature as well as Cpu Temperature will go down .

If you know more ways to solve heating issues , Share with us -


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