Breaking News: OnePlus 3, Amazon Exclusive?

Breaking News: OnePlus 3, Amazon Exclusive?


OnePlus just teased their newest phone as coming soon to India...

The new OnePlus 3 is coming on June 14th and it's shaping up to be quite an exciting device. It will come in 4/6GB versions, a new aluminum body design, with a front fingerprint scanner and a 5.5" 1080p screen. OnePlus is now teasing its launch event, which will be in 11 days. 

But one little thing we notice in the video they posted, is that it will be an Amazon exclusive device. As we told you yesterday, OnePlus will drop the invite system forever so you will now be able to buy the OnePlus the regular way. Buyers from India will also be happy that they will be able to buy it immediately on Amazon.
Are you ready for the new 1+3?


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