Introducing the new Motorola Camera

Introducing the new Motorola Camera


Motorola Mobility just released its new camera app...

It's the same app found on the Moto G4 series, which is an improved version over the old camera app. Called the Moto Camera, it brings all the new features and modes of the new G4, and it's so different from last year's cam!

For starters, it comes with a shutter button, and the UI is not as simple or minimalistic as before. You now have more options: photo, professional photo, slow-mo video, panorama and video mode. In addition, if you do a multi-shot, the phone will recognize the best picture and show it to you. It brings QR reader, shutter speed and ISO settings, and it's integrated into Google Photos gallery. So no more Motorola stock gallery app. Now it's more of a Google experience. 

The new app will be available for 2016 Moto phones here.


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