Galaxy Note 6 LEAK!

Galaxy Note 6 LEAK!


Samsung might call it 6 or 7 but now we have a render of it!

Reliable Twitter leaker @Onleaks has just posted a picture of the new Galaxy Note phone for this year. Some rumors say that Samsung might call it Galaxy Note 7 instead of 6, because people might get confused that there is an S7 and a Note 6, so it's understandable to have both flagship phones named the same.

Other than that, its dimensions have leaked too and they seem to be a bit smaller than last year's note. This one will be 153x74.5x7.8mm, making it pretty thin. Other than that very little is known, but you can see in the picture that this is the Edge version, so it will have the innovative display tech again this year.

The phone is rumored to come in August to compete with the new iPhones. We will keep updating you about new Note leaks as soon as they come out.


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