New Nexus 2016 by Huawei?

New Nexus 2016 by Huawei?


Because one is not enough...

Huawei just revealed through a conversation with a general manager of their company that they will be making the nexus device this year. They went on to say that it's a nice product to make but that it never sells well. This is something very true. Android fans always love the nexus phones, but in reality other high-end phones outsell them every single year.

But what's interesting is that HTC is also releasing the nexus phones this year. Two of them, actually, so we don't know if Huawei means this year or next year. Last year's nexus 6P was made by them, so it's a possibility that they will make it again this year, given the praise the 6P got. So we will have to wait and see...maybe we even get three nexus phones this year!


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