Motorola Pulse 2 now in WHITE at Flipkart

Motorola Pulse 2 now in WHITE at Flipkart


Along with the Moto G4, a new audio device was released by Motorola. The new Pulse 2 headphones are now available in white, and we must say that they are BEAUTIFUL.

Now available at Flipkart's site, the new headphones are available in white, and have some gold accents, similar to the white/gold moto X Style from last year. Its price is still the same, and it offers HD audio and rotating ear-cups. It does come at a very low price so it's a great deal too.

If you are interested in getting a new white Pulse 2, you can do it here!

It seems we will get many Motorola accessories this year. Pulse 2, VerveLife wearables and more to come.


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