iPhone 7 to be dual sim?

Seems good news for those iPhone fans that wanted two sim cards inside their phones! Plus, many new leaks!

We don't talk about Apple that much, but the new iPhone rumors are exciting. The latest rumors come from Engadget, and they are very interesting, and confusing, because they claim the iPhone 7 might have some features that we thought they wouldn't.

The first is the 3.5mm jack. Apparently, the new leaked components by the site Rock Fix (Chinese repair shop) show the new iPhone will have a 3.5mm headphone jack, so maybe they changed their minds after so much critizism.

Another shocking rumor, is that the phone might come with a dual sim tray so it will support two nano-sim cards. Dual sim is beloved in Asia and Latin America so this could be true too. 

The new iPhone will be revolutionary according to Apple's CEO. Should we believe him? Maybe he thinks dual sim is revolutionary...let's see how it goes.


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