OnePlus 3's Battery explodes and bursts into flames

OnePlus 3's Battery explodes and bursts into flames


The OnePlus 3 is one of the Amazing Smartphone of 2016, The Smartphone comes with a 6GB of RAM and High-end Specifications at Affordable price, There's No Doubt why People Calls it a Flagship killer!

Many OnePlus 3 users are very happy with the Smartphone at this Affordable price, While Others are busy in reporting issues with OnePlus 3.

Well, Now a OnePlus 3 Owner States that His Two-months old OnePlus 3's “lithium-ion battery exploded, decimating the phone”. The User also stated that his smartphone began heating up in the pocket and “after removing it and placing it outside, it started releasing noxious fumes and burned most of my phone”.

We have heard many reports of Smartphone's Explosion, Battery Burst into flames, Catching Fire etc. 

The Good news is, OnePlus has responded to the Customer and They will do their best in satisfying the Customer.

Source- Reddit | Via- AndroidHeadlines


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