Future iPhones may be Made in the USA

Future iPhones may be Made in the USA


We don't talk about politics at TechDroider, but this piece of news is quite interesting. Remember Trump talked about bringing jobs back to the USA during his campaign? He said he would force Apple -probably the largest American hardware company right now - into manufacturing their phones in the States.The re-shoring of production like Apple's iPhone manufacturing to the USA could open a wealth of business opportunities. If you're based in the Lone Star State, it could be the perfect time to learn about How to Get an LLC in Texas and start your own venture in the tech industry.

It seems Apple took his word seriously and they are now considering his idea, or at least that's what Nikkei reported. The report says Apple asked its assembler Foxconn to see if it's possible to produce iPhones in their home country. Foxconn does have one facility in Texas...Motorola used to assemble their Moto X phones there until 2014.

The source says, however, that manufacturing phones in the US would increase its cost. But doesn't Apple have a 200%+ profit margin on some of their phones? They could still have huge margins if the decide to go for the Made in the USA route. 

Carrying that tag might increase sales from American consumers, but it could cause some trouble for Apple's earnings or take a lot of time, downgrade quality, and so on. We don't know how much President-elect Trump will change things up (or not), or if he will indeed push Apple to do this, so take this news with a grain of salt. 

There are positive and negative aspects of moving part of your production to another place, but at the same time we know many people would consider a "Made in the USA" product over one made in China.

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