Goodbye HTC: mobile business to be sold

Goodbye HTC: mobile business to be sold


No one would have imagined this six years ago...or even earlier this year. Don't get us wrong, it's always sad to see companies that have done so much for the mobile industry in trouble and on the verge of bankruptcy. 

According to new rumors from a Chinese source, HTC might put an end to its mobile division after years of huge losses each quarter. The HTC One was announced as the company's comeback, but it didn't reach expectations. The M8 and M9 weren't backed by a big marketing campaign so its sales were poor. All HTC Desire mid-rangers didn't reach expectations and the HTC 10 was a great phone that very little people bought.

The rumor suggests HTC's co-founder might make a deal on its mobile division earlier next year. Maybe this means the Pixel phones "by Google" (manufactured by HTC) didn't reach expectations? It's hard to tell.

But we do hope HTC can find a good home for that mobile division, provided these rumors are true. Perhaps a Chinese manufacturer could buy it just to get those brand rights since the HTC brand is well-known in Europe and the US. Or perhaps it's all just a rumor and we will still see HTC devices in the future.

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