These companies are fighting to build the 2018 Pixel Smartphones

These companies are fighting to build the 2018 Pixel Smartphones


Image: Benjamin Geskin

Last year, Google and HTC gave us the first two Pixel Smartphones i.e. Pixel with 5" Display and Pixel XL with 5.5" Display, with some extra Artificial intelligence in the form of the fledgling Google Assistant. According to the recent reports, Google has already sold over 2.1 million units of Pixel phones since their release in fall 2016So, it's no surprise that the company is planning new models for 2017. 

HTC will continue to be Google's manufacturing partner for this year's Pixel smartphones as the Taiwanese Smartphone maker scored a two-year manufacturing deal from Google last year.

As reported by DigitimesHTC is now competing with LG, TCL, and Coolpad for the Pixel 3 smartphones, which Google will release in 2018. The same report also notes that LG is more likely to win orders for the Pixel 3 smartphones. 

2017 Google Pixel rumors have been surfacing over the last couple of months and many of those rumors have been consistent across multiple reports. As per the initial reports, 2017 Google Pixel will be codenamed "Walleye" and the 2017 Pixel XL will be codenamed "Muskie", Google is also working on a third larger Smartphone under codename "taimen.

Which company should make the 2018 Pixel Phones? Should it be HTC with its awesome designs? Or LG with its mind-blowing specs? Or Coolpad with affordable prices? Let us know what you think in the comments below.


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