GIF Shows the Multi SIM Moto Mod in Action

GIF Shows the Multi SIM Moto Mod in Action


2016 marked the year for modular smartphones with LG and Motorola starting the trend. But Motorola took the game to an entirely new level with the Moto Mods concept. The best part of the project is that the company is allowing third-party vendors to develop the mods. 

There are already some innovative Moto Mods released, and some are in the works. Recently, a Moto Mod leaked suggested a qwerty keyboard addition to the phone, and now a GIF shows an impressive Moto Mod. 

The concept is that the Mod allows you to use four SIM cards along with the default SIM card tray that comes with the phone. Nevertheless, the GIF just shows that we can use four SIM cards on the phone, but haven't leaked any info about the implementation though. 

There are several other Moto Mods, which will be releasing in coming weeks, but this one surely is an interesting one to watch out. 

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