This is our first look at the New Moto Style Shells

This is our first look at the New Moto Style Shells


As you might be aware of the fact that Motorola will be releasing more and more Moto Mods in the near future. The company might release few new Moto Mods including a tablet-dock Mod, a GamePad Mod, new Style Shells, Moto-Mods Charger, and Power Pack Mod, this week. 

Earlier today Hellomotohk gave us an early look at the upcoming Power Pack Mod. Now, thanks to Louie Chan from Microblogging website Weibo, here's our first look at the Next generation Moto Style Shells for the Moto Z Phones.
These Next Gen Style shells do looks beautiful and comes with stunning new backgrounds. These style shells will be available globally and might launch this week, if the sources are believed to be true.

Fow now, the Moto Style Shell are available in premium materials like real wood, leather, and patterned fabric.

Via: Louie Chan


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