Top Productivity Apps for Your New Android Phone

Top Productivity Apps for Your New Android Phone


Top Productivity Apps for Your New Android Phone
Smartphones are now more capable than ever. The latest flagship phones feature Snapdragon 835 and a minimum of 4GB of RAM, allowing them to multitask better and run heavier, more complex apps without a problem. The Samsung GALAXY S8 can even be used as a desktop computer, showing just how capable it is.

The added power means you can now use most smartphones to replace your laptop; when you don’t have your laptop with you, you can still handle work or school-related tasks with ease using your phone. Of course, you need the best productivity apps for the job, and we have the top picks in this article.

Google Suite
Google has a number of productivity apps for Android phone users, including Google Drive, Google Docs, Google Sheets, and Google Slides. You’ll be surprised to know just how capable they are for even the most demanding tasks. I was trying to meet a submission deadline for my online MSMPP program assignment the other day and I relied heavily on Google Docs to get things done.

Google Calendar is just as handy. The interface is among the best on the market, delivering all the information you need through stunning visuals. The masters in project and program management program from Brandeis University I’m taking obliges me to keep up with schedules and exams, and Google Calendar – along with features such as auto-sync and reminders – has helped me.

For working on longer documents, it’s more comfortable to pair a Bluetooth keyboard instead of using the on-screen one. That said, there is nothing you cannot do on the go as long as you have a smartphone and Google productivity apps installed.


Pushbullet is not a productivity app per se, but it is an app that you must try nonetheless. It allows your smartphone to be accessed from your laptop, giving you a better user experience in the process. It started life as an SMS app that helped users send text messages from computers, but it now offers many new features.

For instance, you can move files from and to the phone easily. The next time you need to carry a PowerPoint presentation on your phone, you can just sync the file through Pushbullet in seconds. It also supports display notifications and allows you to use messaging apps on your computer.


The last app on our list is Unclouded. This app is a must-have if you use more than one cloud storage service. It makes managing multiple accounts on Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, and other services easier. Keep in mind that you can only manage a maximum of two accounts when using the free version, but switching to premium is well worth the small price you have to pay.

The app shows all of your cloud-stored files in one cool interface, eliminating the need to open several apps to gain access to your cloud storage. You can move files between services and access features such as sharing and file management just as easily.

With these apps installed, you will find your smartphone to be more capable than ever. There will be no task that you can’t handle on the go with the best productivity apps helping you every step of the way.


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