Why We Need to Understand Aging

Why We Need to Understand Aging


Young people today are understood like no other generation before. Their likes, dislikes, reading habits, political affiliation, routes, check-ins, friends, and shopping habits are categorized and stored by the big Internet giants like Google, Facebook, and more. Young people’s habits are known, the data has been stored, and they can be studied. It is not young people that we need to understand, it is the seniors of our population. Aging is an inevitability that we all face, and there are multi-billion industries that work towards prolonging youth and defying aging at every turn.

What we need to do, however, is understand aging. We need to understand the sociological impact for the betterment of our society. We need to understand how to take care of our aging population. We need to know more about aging, because we are living longer than ever, and we are living beyond their savings. What do we do with our aging population?

We need to understand aging so that we can prepare our society and our infrastructure for the future if every young person today is looking at a life of a century or more. With the amount of money and research going in to stopping or even reversing aging through stem cell research and beyond, it’s possible that we will live longer than that. As such, we need to make changes to our society. We need people who are qualified and have doctorates in the process of aging. We need people with gerontology PhDs such as these at https://gradschool.cuchicago.edu/academics/doctoral/edd-phd-gerontology-leadership/.

We need specialists who will help direct businesses, city planners, and politicians towards building a future that takes into account our unprecedented lifespan. We have millions of seniors who will outlive their savings and need to rely on Medicaid. This isn’t just a problem for the seniors of today, but every person alive and every person who will be born.

We need everyone to be aware of this issue, and everyone needs to have an understanding of gerontology. It isn’t just a degree that will help you take care of our senior population, it’s a degree that will help direct our society to a more sustainable future.

Our parents and grandparents are going to need more help as they age. We need people who will be there to help us learn how to take care of them and their advanced medical and social issues. We also need people to help us find them housing, support, and more. We need people who have studied gerontology to take care of our seniors, and we need them to produce studies that will help create cities and technologies that address our aging population.

Studying gerontology isn’t just about taking care of our elders, it’s about making the future a place we can all live. Advancements have changed the face of our earth entirely, and we need to be innovative and forward thinking if we are going to have a bright and happy future.

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