How To Effectively Boost Your Business With Technology

How To Effectively Boost Your Business With Technology


There are many available resources out there these days that have a purpose of making your life easier, and many apps and resources that are developed specifically for convenience and communication. The ways that businesses communicate with their customers has changed drastically over the last five to ten years. Using some of these resources to help develop your businessand gain a larger customer base could have incredibly impacting results if approached in the right way. Below are some ideas and inspiration for quick and easy ways to boost your business.

Social Media

The advancements and accessibility of social media in just the last five years has had an astounding impact on the way consumers gain information. Apps such as Facebook and Snapchat have now become mainstream sources for news updates. Twitter and Instagram enable photos and stories to be shared publicly to the masses. Bearing this in mind, a well thought out and impressive social media campaign could be what is missing from a serious boost in your business. Depending on what you are offering to your customers, by pinpointing your target market, you can quickly begin to connect with your customers remotely.

Trending Topics

Whether you run a café, a car dealership or a cab service, you can tailor a social media platform to work for you. Using a hashtag can be incredibly powerful and can be used to get a subject ‘trending’. For example, if you are offering a one-time only deal, by sharing an image on Twitter, Facebook,and Instagram with relevant info and a hashtag including a keyword that you want to start trending, you can start to spread the message of your business. Using available features to give live updates can be useful if you are running events, as live videos have become a regular feature of our newsfeeds. Email marketing is another practical and manageable way to boost business as 91% of customers check their email on a daily basis. Using email to inform customers of trends and offers can again bring in business with the touch of a button.

Customer Loyalty

Of course, this is an obvious point, but spending time devising a strategy as to how best connect and communicate with customers can have long-lasting results. By implementing specific offers and deals to loyal customers, you can encourage these customers to return to your business; loyalty and points cards are a good way to do this. It can be as advanced or uncomplicated as you want; coffee shops often have loyalty cards that require ten stamps for a free drink, for example. Other shops and businesses may offer more advanced loyalty cards to collect points which a customer can then track online. By making your customers feel valued, you can ensure happy customers not only return, but spread the message. Sometimes the downfall of a business can be to not pay attention to their current customers in the quest to find new ones. This can potentially affect and impact those who have been loyal to you, so don’t forget the old just to find the new.

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