Modern Tech Tools That Are Perfect For Teachers in 2019

Modern Tech Tools That Are Perfect For Teachers in 2019


When we talk about education and technology, there pops out several reasons why or how technology is an important aspect of education. Technology provides students with better imagination and understanding. It helps the students to learn better. Since this helps the teacher to understand the capacity or ability of a student, it also helps to build a better relationship with a good amount of trust. Starting from computers, laptops, and tablets, technology helps both the students and the teacher to multiply their knowledge with other resources available online than that of the only knowledge in the book. In addition, high tech gadgets help the teachers to keep engage the students with the amazing technologies which also help to not fade their interests away. With better and high technology gadgets, the teacher finds various ways to raise the curiosity of the students while they study every bit of the subject.

We will now talk about 5 such high tech gadgets that have made learning and teacher faster and smarter.

1. Smart Table This board has been taken down on the ground from the wall. Smart Tables work just in the same as the smart board does. In fact, it catches the attention of the students and keeps them engaged. These tables have 40 unique touch features while a video is playing. The teachers can also use these tables for making the tests and solutions of GMAT mocks more understandable by discussing it with the students on the table.

2. Microscopic Camera This is not an ordinary microscope, it is much more than it. Well, with the normal day microscope, a student one by one could come and see the extra small living beings but with a microscopic camera, you can plug in the wire to your laptop/tablet and in no time you and your students can see the images of the specimen in the display.

3. The Intelli Scanner With the Intelli Scanner, you can easily organize every book, DVD, or any sort of item in the class that comes with a bar code. This high tech gadget keeps the record plus identifies the object just with a short scan of the bar code.

4. Cambridge Audio G2 It takes an eternity for your voice to reach to the students when either you have tons of them in one class, or if you are a college professor. Cambridge Audio G2 works on wifi, can last up to 10 hours straight and most importantly, is loud and clear enough for all your students to understand what you speak.

5. Wacom Inkling For a teacher of art and sketching, inkling might be the most useful high tech tool. Inkling helps you to sketch on any paper surface and then directly transfer it to your computer. It is not only used for drawings, but also for marking important notes from the PowerPoint presentation, Ms. Word document and as well as from the theoretical notes from GMAT mocks.

High tech gadgets make it easier for the teachers to implement their knowledge into the best version for the students.

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