How to Edit Video for Social Media

How to Edit Video for Social Media


Social media is a hot cake. Everyone loves to use social media because it is way more interesting. There are many fun and informative things available on the social media platform. Videos are the most uploaded item in the social media account. As soon as you open a social media account, you will see innumerable videos.

Some videos are animated, some use bright filters, and some are cinematographic. These videos capture the attention of the viewers. Well, uploading a video on social media does not need hi-fi things: just a few tools, essential tips on editing, and some excellent raw footage.

People love to watch videos. It is crisp, to the point, and enjoyable to watch. You open your feed, and you will see relatable videos as per your preferences. The social media AI takes note of your personal preferences and shows videos on the feed related.

Get Deeper into social media

Business houses are using both social media and videos together to promote the brand. The video content should be new and relatable. Then the audience connects with the brand. Before you shoot a video, prepare the content and the way you want to shoot the video. These things are more important than anything else. You can hire a third-party video producer or in-house staff who has a good grasp of video production.

If you know what you want, then you can quickly shoot the video for social media. Before the actual video comes in, you can promote the video as a teaser upload. Create an attractive teaser to make the video enjoyable. It helps you fetch the audience for your video. It is even a great way to connect with your audience before the actual video comes in.

Set The Best Intention of Editing

The teaser or preview does not disclose the actual cake but is just a piece of cake. It keeps the excitement alive in the hearts of the audiences. First, you must know the marketing goals of your business:

  • Upload a social media teaser with a full link to your video that is live on the website. It fetches more traffic to your website.
  • You can even post the entire video on Facebook to increase engagement. You can post a 15-second or 30-second video in an Instagram reel or story for brand awareness.
  • Post a LinkedIn video to attract job seekers to apply for jobs.

If you are not adding links to the video, then you are promoting the brand. You can add a link to drive traffic to that particular link. If you upload a video without any link, that means you are promoting your overall brand through that video. For Instagram, you should have ten thousand followers to get the Swipe Up option or go for the Link in Bio option. Overall, your primary intention is to promote the brand and its products to fetch customers. In a way, it increases the growth of the business.

Start Video with A Twist

When you start the video, you want to hook the audience. So, write the script so that the complete attention remains in the video when the viewer watches the video. In a way, the primary intention is to keep the audience glued to the video.

Design the video thumbnail in such a manner that the audience is tempted to click on the video. It keeps the audience attentive and can share the video if the viewer likes it. Hence, the start of the video must be eye-catching and gripping.

Edit The Video with Audio Mute

If you want to give a voice-over or add music from social media, then the first thing you have to do is mute the audio of the video in the editing table. If you are directly posting a video on an Instagram story or reel, then there is a mute option; click on it until the video sounds off; wait for some time. The entire process is simple, easy, and helpful. Now, you can add a voice-over to the video without any hassle.

Understand The social media Interface

Whether you want vertical or horizontal videos depends on your choice and audiences’ preferences. Instagram offers vertical format videos that make it easy for users to shoot and upload instantly. You need to understand the social media interface and then shoot the video accordingly and edit it in the same way.

The Best Editing Software Tools for social media

  • InVideo: You must choose InVideo as an online video editor to edit videos on social media. It has many features that you can use without much of a problem. The editor is user-friendly and makes the editing easy and fast. You can use many features that are available in the tool. Add transitions, filters, text as per your choice and preference that looks good with video.
  • YouCut: It is the best mobile editing tool that gives no watermark in the free version. You can add music from its music library to provide a video with a new twist. It helps you edit the video in the given format for different social media platforms. You can even add stickers to make it look amazing. It has some incredible features like reverse, flip that you can use to make the editing unique.
  • Wondershare Filmora: This desktop version editing tool is straightforward to operate. In the free version, you can edit many videos, but there will be a watermark. But you can choose the pro version at a nominal charge to get the best features to edit the videos.

The Bottom Line

Are you ready to edit videos for social media? Then try something new with these tools. You will fail at first, but there is always a scope to improve in editing skills. Do not feel bad once you practice; you can create awesome videos for social media to promote your brand. Though you can hire a videographer and editor, learning a new skill on your own gives an adrenaline rush that you can experience and enjoy.