Asus Zenfone 5z Gets New OTA Update

The Asus Zenfone 5z is now getting the Latest Software update with Improvements and Fixes. The update also features not so latest May, 2019 Security Patches.

Asus has also fixed and improved the Sound Quality of the Zenfone 5z.

Things to expect in the update –
  • Upgrade google security patches for May, 2019
  • Improve sound quality
  • Update and optimize System
Have you received your OTA? The update is rolling out in batches so it may take some time for your 5z to get it. 

A Deeper Insight on Data Archiving

Data archiving is becoming more and more popular with businesses and companies. Basically, it is a process of transferring not-so-frequently-used data to a separate storage location for future uses. This way, data archiving ensures that your data remains intact and safe even when you do not use it frequently.

Undoubtedly, businesses deal with enormous amounts of data daily. However, not all the information is useful. To avoid any loss of evidences, facts and figures; companies prefer to archive their data such that it can be used at a later stage if needed.

Things to Remember For Data Archiving

  • Compliance
The foremost thing that one needs to remember when it comes to choosing archive software is that the data must stay compliant with data retention policies even when it is archived. More often than not, each company has its own set of policies when it comes to data archiving. These need to be taken care of right from the beginning.
  • Storage Medium
Where the data is stored is one of the most important components involved in data archiving. Businesses often choose to store their data in disk, tape or cloud. However, more and more organizations are shifting to cloud storage as this forms a more dynamic and flexible solution.
  • Copies
It is always recommended to store data at more than a single location or platform. This will make sure that the data you want to archive is always available and is never compromised on. As most of the data is stored in the cloud, it is a good practice.
  • Data Knowledge
Having in-depth knowledge of the data in question is of utmost importance. As the owner, you must be aware of the type and properties of the data. This is essential because such knowledge will help you in judging which data is to be archived. This will help you in ensuring that only the relevant data is available
  • Data Retention Provider
Once you have confirmed that certain data is to be archived, the next step is to choose the right cloud provider. It is highly recommended to check the standards of the cloud backup provider. An organization which has experience in this field should be preferred as it can prove to be precious if there is ever a scenario of data loss. Experience always comes in handy!
  • Integrity
Just archiving the data is not sufficient. It is also important to keep a constant check on the integrity of the data. The reason for this is pretty simple. As the data is stored and not used regularly, there is always a chance that such data might lose its integrity if kept unchecked. Therefore, you must keep a tab on the archived data from time to time in order to make sure that data integrity is intact.

Finally, data archiving is not the same as data backup. While data backup is generally used for data protection in case of data loss, data archiving allows appropriate retention of data.
  • The Wrap Up
While it is important for the companies to archive the data from time to time, it is equally important to ensure that the data that is archived is properly stored and maintained.

Audiobook vs. Kindle vs. Book! Which one should I read?

Digital books or Traditional books which preferable to this generation?

Print or digital, Readers will always find a way to satiate the thirst of their digestion. Paper books came across a long way as a reader’s popular choice.

The reader, with the evolution of a hobby like reading a book, also came to know the era of the digital book like Audiobook and Kindle book.

Paper books are more about nostalgia regarding smelling and touching the pages while audiobook is rather entertaining and Kindle book is much more convenient to satisfy a number of book collections in a device.

In terms of portability, time and price preferences among physical books, audiobooks and Kindle books may vary for today’s bookworms. Here are the few pros and cons for the individual form of the books:

Pros of reading Physical Books:

• Reading in a paper-ink gives personal feeling to hold and touch the book.

•It initiates the reader’s senses via symbols and pictures on the pages. Resting upon this, one’s imagination will draw pictures anticipating the curiosity.

•Deeper meaning will unfold as the pages will come to an end through the depicted scene or the voice.

•Book reading increases better vocabulary to the readers.

•Readers can always go for a library or bookstore for their favorite physical copy.

Cons of reading Physical Books:

•Physical books can be comparatively costly than digital books like audiobook and Kindle book. As one needs to pay for each physical book every time they are to purchase one from the book store.

•Paper book is not as much lightweight in comparison to digital books.

•It’s not easy to travel with a large collection of physical books at a time. In such a case, one needs to make a minimum choice of paper book for carrying the book for traveling.

•Preferable paper books may not be available all the time in the store.

•Many modern publishers and writers now prefer audiobook and Kindle book for reaching more audiences via digital platforms.

Reading books in any form of reaching out to a reader towards the same goal. Then how it makes a difference in the form of the audiobook, let’s find out.

Pros of Audiobook reading:

•Learn audible work is offering entertainment as close as TV. The audiobook is basically listening to an audio tape.

•What if a reader prefers not to read the book using eyes? One may not be in the situation of holding a book and read it out; like gardening, cooking, driving, after a surgery. An audio book is there to read it out to the readers.

• Audiobooks are also helping to reduce stress and gain memory improvement. As the elders say, appropriate listening helps to memorize the content faster.

• The audiobook is the exact version of word to word of a physical book, so there are no chances to miss out anything from the real book so far.

• Audiobooks are now available in a digital music store like public music domain and personalized applications. Downloading an audiobook is much of downloading other audio files in the device.

Cons of Audiobook reading:

• Audiobooks are high in cost than a printed book.

• While readers purchasing an audiobook, he/she is also paying for the narrator, sound engineer and editor.

• Audiobook version is much more expensive than the E-book edition.

• Audiobook takes the same amount of attention as the paper book reading to follow the exact detail of the story via the narrator’s dialect. Get started with Audible, learn how does audible work and it has a wide range database of titles. Also get started with 50 best audiobooks for 2019

Kindle book is another reader’s popular choice in this era. Online retailer Amazon introduced this electronic device in 2007. Over time the Kindle is upgraded with many readers’ friendly features which make it another unique choice of reading for the users.

Pros of using Kindle book reading:

• Kindle book is much easier to carry as it is wireless. The reader may access the book collections without connecting it with the computer.

• Amazon offers the largest collection of digital books in Amazon online store for Kindle book readers. Kindle book initiates the demand of E-Book in the market for such collections.

• The reader can subscribe to an electronic newspaper version or buy a book on Amazon and download it into the Kindle device later.

• Kindle devices are also offering PDF, DOC, and TXT files in the personal Kindle mail address.

• Kindle book reading has some amazing features which will give you an upgraded experience over a physical book reading. Highlighting and bookmarking system are now available in improved versions.

• While reading a book with high or poor lighting condition, the Kindle device will adjust the lighting condition for the eye care of the reader.

Cons of using Kindle book reading:

• Kindle device is sometimes very flimsy. It becomes inactive without prior notice.

• Built-in Wi-Fi system may fail to catch the signal around by the device sometime.

• Kindle has limited space for the number of books. There is no SD card slot for storing more books or try a book of reader’s choice if needed.

• Book researching option is not an easy one on a Kindle device.

• A selected passage is hard to find through the search function where one can memorize the exact page or section in case of printed books.

• Huge collections of books are also creating confusion to lose track of preferable choice books in Kindle device.

• Printed books, audio books or Kindle books reader will always find a way to reach out its digestion.

I do believe in the magic of dead leaves printing but referring to the aforementioned pros and cons of the paper book, audiobook, and Kindle book, I can conclude that the Kindle book is a much better device in terms of convenience and also as far as engaging the reader is concerned. With the audience for this particular kind of book reading

available for the new generation, it can be declared as a clear winner in comparison to the other two means.

Modern Tech Tools That Are Perfect For Teachers in 2019

When we talk about education and technology, there pops out several reasons why or how technology is an important aspect of education. Technology provides students with better imagination and understanding. It helps the students to learn better. Since this helps the teacher to understand the capacity or ability of a student, it also helps to build a better relationship with a good amount of trust. Starting from computers, laptops, and tablets, technology helps both the students and the teacher to multiply their knowledge with other resources available online than that of the only knowledge in the book. In addition, high tech gadgets help the teachers to keep engage the students with the amazing technologies which also help to not fade their interests away. With better and high technology gadgets, the teacher finds various ways to raise the curiosity of the students while they study every bit of the subject.

We will now talk about 5 such high tech gadgets that have made learning and teacher faster and smarter.

1. Smart Table This board has been taken down on the ground from the wall. Smart Tables work just in the same as the smart board does. In fact, it catches the attention of the students and keeps them engaged. These tables have 40 unique touch features while a video is playing. The teachers can also use these tables for making the tests and solutions of GMAT mocks more understandable by discussing it with the students on the table.

2. Microscopic Camera This is not an ordinary microscope, it is much more than it. Well, with the normal day microscope, a student one by one could come and see the extra small living beings but with a microscopic camera, you can plug in the wire to your laptop/tablet and in no time you and your students can see the images of the specimen in the display.

3. The Intelli Scanner With the Intelli Scanner, you can easily organize every book, DVD, or any sort of item in the class that comes with a bar code. This high tech gadget keeps the record plus identifies the object just with a short scan of the bar code.

4. Cambridge Audio G2 It takes an eternity for your voice to reach to the students when either you have tons of them in one class, or if you are a college professor. Cambridge Audio G2 works on wifi, can last up to 10 hours straight and most importantly, is loud and clear enough for all your students to understand what you speak.

5. Wacom Inkling For a teacher of art and sketching, inkling might be the most useful high tech tool. Inkling helps you to sketch on any paper surface and then directly transfer it to your computer. It is not only used for drawings, but also for marking important notes from the PowerPoint presentation, Ms. Word document and as well as from the theoretical notes from GMAT mocks.

High tech gadgets make it easier for the teachers to implement their knowledge into the best version for the students.

Motorola One Power is now getting May 2019 Security Update

Motorola One Power is now getting May 2019 Security Update
The Motorola One Power is now getting the latest Android security patch, bug fixes, and improvements.

If you own a Motorola One Power you should have received the over-the-air update notification for May 1, 2019 Android security update. New software update for the One Power brings along Bug fixes and Stability improvements.

Motorola’s instructions explain that for a successful installation, the battery in your phone should be at least 50% charged and your device should be connected to a Wi-Fi network or LTE.

If you haven't got the notification of this new software update yet, Just go to Settings - About Phone - Software updates, and It will automatically start downloading the latest update. The update will take around 10-15 minutes to get Installed on your device. Stay tuned to our Facebook, Twitter, and Telegram to get the first News.

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