Digital Kanban Boards Go Mobile: Is This the Future of Project Management?

Digital Kanban Boards Go Mobile: Is This the Future of Project Management?


Digital Kanban Boards Go Mobile: Is This the Future of Project Management?
Have you heard about the Kanban process? If you haven’t, then chances are that it is probably already implemented in one form or another in your workplace, you just didn’t know it was the Kanban process! If you are unfamiliar with the world of Kanban, essentially what this is, is a method of managing knowledge work and there is an emphasis on work being completed just in time, whilst not overloading team members. Kanban is a process that was first used in the mechanical engineering process, however, it is now used across all industries, and IT development is a sector has recently also adopted the Kanban method.

Visual Project Management

The Kanban process is fantastic for those who are visual thinkers. With this process, you will be able to see all your work laid out on the task board and you can see exactly what work you need to achieve in order to complete a task. The Kanban process is also great as it acknowledges that workers will be overwhelmed when there are too many tasks on their board and that keeping work pared down to the basics will ensure workers continue to stay motivated.

So, how do online Kanban boards work? Well, each time you have a task that needs to be completed, this should be written on its own specific card and it should then be placed on the Kanban board online. Kanban boards are great to organise work as you can categorise them according to their own criteria and you can then move them along your board to show how far along they are in the process and this will also give you a good idea of how much work still has to be completed for this task. It is also very satisfying to see the cards eventually end up in the done column at the very end of your board.

While Kanban was once restricted to just being a physical board, it has now moved online and into the digital world and there are now some amazing visual project management apps that can really benefit the efficiency of your workplace. These online digital boards and apps will help managers get the most out of their team and will allow you to complete projects smoothly, on time and to a high quality.

Are Online Kanban Boards the Future?

So, you may be wondering whyyou need an online kanban board and what an app can offer you that a physical board cannot. The biggest advantage with using Kanban boards online is that everything is happening in real time. This is especially important for those businesses who have staff and offices based across the world as anyone can make a change anywhere in the world and staff in all other offices will be able to see these changes in real time.

Another major reason why digital Kanban boards are far more popular nowadays than physical boards is simply due to the fact that they are portable. So, team members don’t have to be glued to a physical Kanban board and instead they can access and modify task boards while on the go. Many digital Kanban boards also have apps now too, which means team members can access all of their work tasks with just the touch of a button. These apps will give you a process for managing documents and it is far easier to provide other team members with the documents that they need to be able to work on the tasks that they have been assigned to.

What many people find great about online Kanban boards and Kanban apps is that they are a communal place too. A Kanban board quickly becomes the natural gathering hub where members of staff can discuss any issues that they may be facing with their assigned tasks, colleagues can help each other to solve problems and you can also learn from each other. Kanban boards show the accountable record of workflow and as everyone can see the discussion being held on here, this promotes transparency and a collaborative approach within the work place which is absolutely essential for effective project management.

Final Thoughts

As more and more businesses implement online digital Kanban boards into their workplace, it looks like we are only set to see a rise in this being used in future project management projects. If you feel like your current project management structure is not up to task, why not implement a Kanban digital board. This will allow staff to be held accountable for their own tasks, improveproductivity and you will be able to make your business, as a whole, more efficient.

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