How to manually Install Official Firmware on Mi A2 via Fastboot Commands

How to manually Install Official Firmware on Mi A2 via Fastboot Commands


How to manually Install Official Firmware on Mi A2 via Fastboot Commands
When you pick-up your Xiaomi Mi A2 and attempt to Install Official Firmware via Xiaomi's Flash Tool "MiFlash", you will get an error, well i received one. After spending a few hours with the Mi A2 and its Firmware stuff, I've figured out manual method to Install it.

You'll need ADB and Fastboot, Xiaomi Mi A2 (Unboxing) Official Fastboot Firmware which you can download from Xiaomi's MIUI Forum, and a Desktop, Phew..

Note: This procedure is very technical and should be performed by a person with sound knowledge of Android devices. If the step-by-step installation process is not followed properly, there are chances of the smartphone getting bricked or being permanently irreparable. TechDroider cannot be held responsible for any damage or claims from readers if the procedure does not yield the required results or if the smartphone is bricked. Hence, users are advised to proceed with caution.

Below are the Steps on How to manually Install Official Android Firmware on your Xiaomi Mi A2 via Fastboot - 

1) Extract the Fastboot Firmware and Open Images folder where you'll find all the System, Boot, and other Image files.

2) Extract and paste the ADB and Fastboot files to the Fastboot Firmware Images folder, which you extracted in Step 1.

3) Open Fastboot via CMD and Paste all the below Commands -

fastboot flash bluetooth_a bluetooth.img
fastboot flash bluetooth_b bluetooth.img
fastboot flash devcfg_a devcfg.img
fastboot flash devcfg_b devcfg.img
fastboot flash dsp_a dsp.img
fastboot flash dsp_b dsp.img
fastboot flash modem_a modem.img
fastboot flash modem_b modem.img
fastboot flash xbl_a xbl.img
fastboot flash xbl_b xbl.img
fastboot flash pmic_a pmic.img
fastboot flash pmic_b pmic.img
fastboot flash rpm_a rpm.img
fastboot flash rpm_b rpm.img
fastboot flash tz_a tz.img
fastboot flash tz_b tz.img
fastboot flash hyp_a hyp.img
fastboot flash hyp_b hyp.img
fastboot flash keymaster_a keymaster.img
fastboot flash keymaster_b keymaster.img
fastboot flash cmnlib64_a cmnlib64.img
fastboot flash cmnlib64_b cmnlib64.img
fastboot flash cmnlib_a cmnlib.img
fastboot flash cmnlib_b cmnlib.img
fastboot flash abl_a abl.elf
fastboot flash abl_b abl.elf
fastboot flash boot_a boot.img
fastboot flash boot_b boot.img
fastboot flash system_a system.img
fastboot flash system_b system.img
fastboot flash vendor_a vendor.img
fastboot flash vendor_b vendor.img
fastboot flash mdtp_a mdtp.img
fastboot flash mdtp_b mdtp.img
fastboot flash userdata userdata.img
fastboot flash splash splash.img
fastboot flash mdtpsecapp_a mdtpsecapp.img
fastboot flash mdtpsecapp_b mdtpsecapp.img
fastboot flash storsec storsec.mbn
fastboot reboot

4) Enjoy!

Download Links?

Fastboot and ADB - Download Here

Xiaomi Mi A2 Firmware - Download Here


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