5 of the Best Smart Kitchen Appliances

5 of the Best Smart Kitchen Appliances


People can often forget that their high-tech lives don’t have to stop in the kitchen. While traditionally filled with manual tools like a rolling pin or hand mixer, appliances are becoming more and more sophisticated. Just like your phone and laptop, kitchen appliances can come with operating systems that make them work as a smart device.

You might wonder though, why would you need any of these? Simple bakery equipment is enough, why would you need a refrigerator with Wi-Fi? Well to make your cooking process faster and easier. While some appliances are better at this than others, you can make cooking and baking more fun—plus, these smart devices serve as wonderful decoration.

1. Wemo Wi-Fi-Enabled Crock-Pot

If you enjoy stews, curries, and easy meals, then a crock-pot might be in your future. However, the Wemo Wi-Fi-Enabled Crock-Pot makes the already simple crockpot even more effortless. With Wi-Fi, you’re able to control the exact temperature and cook time of the food you’ve put inside. This product allows you to be precise and make dishes exactly how you want to!

2. Genican Scanner

This nifty appliance simply attaches to your trashcan. It’s an incredibly convenient tool that allows you to keep track of the items you throw away. For every item placed in the trashcan, the Genican Scanner will scan the garbage, track what it is, and add the items to your shopping list. This gadget is perfect if you tend to be forgetful, or want to be mindful of the things you throw away.

3. Perfect Drink Smart Scale

The Perfect Drink Smart Scale is exactly what it sounds like. If you enjoy making cocktails at home, it can be easy to get the measurements incorrect or to forget what you’ve added. Luckily, this smart appliance weights every part of your drink precisely, resulting in the perfect drink.

Nothing is imbalanced when using this tool and is perfect if you enjoy hosting parties or having the occasional drink. It comes with a wide variety of drink recipes with the measurements. This product also comes with an app!

4. The June Oven

The June Over is truly one of a kind. It claims to serve the functions of 7 different appliances:

  • Convection oven
  • Air fryer
  • Dehydrator
  • Slow cooker
  • Broiler
  • Toaster
  • Warming drawer

This means you don’t need any other appliance in your kitchen. No need to lug out the clunky crock pot or set up the confusing and complicated dehydrator. If you’re looking for a product that can do it all and will save you a ton of money, the June Oven in for you. 

5. Nutribullet Balance Smart Blender

This oldie but goodie is a classic in the kitchen appliance world. For years, patrons have loved and raved about the Nutribullet. The Balance Smart Blender takes everything you love about the Nutribullet and offers you more.

Not only do you get to make delicious treats with his high-tech blender, but you’re also to track your calories, nutritional information, as well as keep your grocery list up to date. Whether it’s a smoothie, green juice, or sauce, the Nutribullet Balance Smart Blender is a trustworthy choice.

Final Thoughts

Kitchen appliances aren’t typically given more than a quick thought. But as they grow in technological advancement, their popularity will as well. If you’re interested in smart kitchen appliances, it’s smarter if you grab them before they’re gone. These products are slowly but surely making their way into the 2019 marketplace, and who knows what kind of gadgets we’ll have in 10 years.

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