6 Camera Features to Look for in a Phone

6 Camera Features to Look for in a Phone


When you're getting a new phone, one of the essential features you need to consider is its camera features. Nowadays, taking photos of almost anything and posting it on social media is one of the most popular trends. The better photographs you capture, the more people will follow you—this matters especially if you're an influencer or a vlogger.

Your camera features can help you with such, so you need to look into the following features when buying a new mobile phone:

Digital SLR-Like Cameras

Digital SLR cameras are one of the latest innovations in photography, and one of the first people to embrace them were professional photographers. With a digital SLR, you can use the camera to take as many pictures as you like. This makes digital SLR cameras great for family photos, portraits, and those who want to capture events in a professional yet casual way.

However, if you're a person who wants to integrate a digital SLR into a mobile phone, you can do so. Pick the phones with such features so you can have a two-in-one device. One of the popular phones with a DSLR-like camera is Vivo X50 Pro, which professional photographers can use to capture high-quality pictures.

Digital Zoom

Most phones today can zoom in and out. When you try to take a picture, and the background gets out of focus, the phone will crop the image so that the background is crisp. This is an excellent feature because it ensures the image is sharp.

Automatic Focus

You should also look for an automatic focus feature. Some phone cameras can automatically focus so you don't have to adjust your phone camera manually. Other cameras are only able to focus a portion of the image and then let you know. This allows you to focus on the essential parts of the image without focusing on the wrong part of the photo.

Video Camera

Most phones allow you to record videos using the built-in video recording function. This means you can take the video on your phone or place it onto the computer and watch it there. Some of these devices allow you to control the sound being recorded and adjust the audio volume with a finger's touch. These features will enable you to take better quality videos, even if you're using a phone.

Shake Reduction Feature

Although rare, some cameras offer a feature called ‘shake reduction.’ This means the camera will slow down the picture during video recording, making it look sharper and less blurry. While this may seem unimportant, it's an incredible feature to have if you're using the phone to take a wide-angle photo.

Manual Controls

Although automatic controls are usually what people use when taking photographs using a phone, it's still best that it has manual controls available as well. Some cameras will allow you to set different settings, such as ISO, aperture, white balance, and other functions. This means you can make your photos look sharper, especially if you're using the camera outdoors.

The picture quality of the camera depends on the settings you use. You must keep the best settings in mind, so if you have to take the picture at night, the auto-exposure is usually the best option. Or if you have to take photos in low lighting conditions, the aperture setting is best.

There are times when you want to use the photo-editing tools to correct a wrong setting you've used. Therefore, you should choose the camera with a built-in photo editing tool so you won't have to install another app.


It's a good idea to get a camera capable of recording both movies and photos. Since you may not want to bring lots of gadgets whenever you want to capture a picture, your mobile device is enough. So long as it has essential camera features, you can capture images like a professional photographer.

Especially if the phone has a digital SLR-like camera, you won't have to worry about its resolution. If you're not into photography, you don't have to worry because one of the best phone camera features is an automatic focus. With such, your phone camera will automatically adjust to create the best resolution of the image.

You also need a phone camera with a superb video camera since taking videos of things you do is also one of the trends nowadays. You can record high-quality videos if your phone camera has a shake reduction feature.

Moreover, if you're a professional photographer and want a better resolution depending on every image you're capturing, you need to have phone cameras with manual controls. That being said, you can enjoy and post superb photos using your mobile device.

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