How to Build Your Tech Skills for Job Applications

How to Build Your Tech Skills for Job Applications


If you’re looking to develop a career in the tech field, whether as a newcomer or a professional wanting to advance to the next stage, then you need to make sure your resume is an impressive one. You’ll want to show potential new employers that you have the right knowledge and experience needed for tech positions.

Tech knowledge is always going to set you apart in the job market, because even those businesses that aren’t directly selling technology-related services will still undoubtedly implement technology into their everyday business routine in order to promote efficiency.

Here's how you can make sure your tech knowledge is up to scratch for presenting a professional resume for job applications.

Get Qualified

One of the best and most eye-catching ways you can demonstrate your tech knowledge is by gaining a degree in this area. This will show all potential employers that you have tech knowledge on a professional level. The great aspect of tech-related degrees is that they can be applied to a variety of job roles and industries, so this degree will definitely open many doorways for you and make sure that your job application stands out in the right way.

Take a Training Course

You don’t have to study for a full-blown technology-related degree to make yourself stand out at as a job applicant. Anything you do to improve your tech skills will be beneficial to both you, and your applications, and this includes training courses. Training courses are great ways to build professional knowledge and fill in the gaps for key tech knowledge that many businesses may want, like undertaking Google Cloud Platform training or training yourself up in social media, software and more.

Study in Your Own Time

If you’re serious about building your tech skills in order to apply for a wider range of jobs, then you may want to utilize your spare time wisely by investing in resources and learning materials you can use to learn more. You could browse online articles or tutorials, or invest in tech-related books to help you develop a deeper understanding of tech.

You can also list this as a hobby on your resume to show that you have a keen interest in tech, which extends to learning about it as much as possible in your spare time.

Practice with Pieces of Tech

While you can brush up as much as you like on the theory of technical processes and using technology, you’re going to need to be able to demonstrate your knowledge, too. The only way to build your confidence with using tech, like smart devices and computers, is by using them. Therefore investing in tech to practice with and making sure you use tech regularly means it’ll soon become second nature to you, and you will be able to demonstrate these skills at the interview stage, or in a job.


If you’re serious about building your tech skills as much as possible then dedicating all your time (spare and professional) to qualifications, learning, training and technology usage will be key to your own development and job application success.

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