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Moto India is Teasing Its Upcoming #Smarterphone; Moto G5s Series or Moto C Lineup in Question

Moto India is Teasing Its Upcoming #Smarterphone; Moto G5s Series or Moto C Lineup in Question
Motorola India has teased a new smartphone in India- calling as 'Hello #Smarterphone,' but it did not give any clue about which smartphone they are going to launch. Also, the launch date of the phone is still unknown. Motorola has a knack of teasing smartphones ahead of their official launch, and they are doing the same this time as well. 

In the video, Motorola is highlighting the speaker and display aspect of a smartphone. The upcoming smartphone may have powerful speakers and gorgeous display on board. 

Motorola is due to launch nine smartphones in India including the Moto E4 series, Moto C series which recently went official in some countries, Moto G5s series, Moto X (2017), and the Moto Z2 lineup. That said, the upcoming smartphone may be one from the Moto G5s lineup. 

Maybe Motorola is looking to announce the Moto C series in India, or it maybe the Moto X (2017). That said, nothing is known for now from the company, and Motorola will tease it in upcoming days ahead of the launch, which will give a clear idea about what they are going to launch in the country. 

Motorola set to release a new boot animation

Hellomoto indeed! Remember we told you about the Motorola logo making a comeback to Moto boot animations after being cut out for this year's roadmap? Well, Motorola and Lenovo have made a few edits to the last one they announced, and Moto is already showing it up in some of its Twitter accounts.

The new boot animation is similar to what you saw last time, but one of the things that got some criticism from fans and tech sites was the fact that Lenovo seemed to punch the batwing logo out of the picture, as if they were replacing Motorola. Some Motorola fans complained about this, because it seemed like Moto(rola) was punched/kicked out by its parent company.

But Lenovo did listen to those comments and decided to change it up a bit. Now, instead of the Lenovo logo kicking out the Motorola logo, the batwing rotates and becomes the Lenovo logo, and then it rotates once again to become the batwing, and so on.

Although some might find this isn't a big deal, I think it's quite meaningful. Lenovo and the Moto team listened to the fans when they asked for the Motorola logo to be back as boot animation for Moto phones, and now they listened to the fans when they asked to modify it. It speaks good about the company and its respect for the Motorola legacy.

You can check out the new boot animation with its new ending here:

Rumor: Moto will be the only Lenovo mobile brand

From Moto G4 and G4 Plus launch event in Japan.
Moto(rola) has had quite a year. First, it was announced the brand would be phased out. Then, all the executive team we knew was either changed or left the company. Then we've saw most of the tech sites jump on the hate bandwagon. And after a couple heart attacks like those, we saw most of it was false and that Motorola was still alive, launching amazing smartphones like the Moto Z with MotoMods.

Now, there's a new rumor in the house, that suggests Lenovo will stop using its own brand in smartphones and only keep the Moto brand. HellomotoHK was the one who reported this, and he's had a great record at leaking information and pictures.

He said Lenovo would announce a change in its MBG executive team, chaning its co-President. This was before Lenovo's financial report came out, and one of the announcements was that one. If the rest is true, then we will see many Motorola phones coming next year, which is good for us, fans.

And it would also mean we won't see Vibe or ZUK phones in the future. Everything might turn into Moto G, E, Z and so on. Or maybe, just maybe, they keep those brands and combine them with Moto, having MotoVIBE, for example. Who knows? Everything is possible.

Motorola Pulse Max now in three new colors

The Motorola Accessories division, now under new owner, Binatone Global, seems to be on a roll. We talked about the Motorola Coin yesterday, but now we have something else to show you: the new Pulse Max color versions!

Yeah, it might not be as exciting as yesterday's wearable device, but hey...there are three new colors for the Pulse Max, making it five available colors. The new versions will come in blue, red, and purple.

The Motorola Pulse Max features a 40nm driver, according to Motorola Accessories, and its earheadphones isolate ambient sound. Plus, it's light and its ear cups rotate. The Max was released in India and the UK some time ago, and it's reaching more countries in Europe, Latin America and Asia right now. No word on US availability, though.

Here are the individual pictures of each color. Which one will you choose?

It won't stop: Here are More Motorola Moto M Images

The new Moto M is Moto's worst kept secret right now, leaking all over the place. We now have more pictures from this interesting phone. Coming in from an anonymous tipster, these new pictures show the phone in all its glory.

You can also see all its full specs on the first picture, showing it comes with a 13/8MP camera set up, a 5.5" 1080p, an MTK Helio P15 processor clocked at 2.2GHz and 4 gigs of RAM. And there's also a 3050mAH battery on board. 

You can also see there's a dual-speaker set up at the bottom, being a first for Motorola. All the other pictures show what we all know now, though, so we won't know much more until the official unveiling, rumored for next week. 

Check out the other pictures:

Motorola set to introduce its new "Connect Coin" wearable

Last year, Motorola Mobility sold its accessories division to Binatone Global. All the team, brand rights and future product roadmaps moved to Binatone shortly after. Since then, we've got a couple devices like the VerveLife range and the MotoHint+ from them. 

Now they are ready to introduce the follow up to 2014's KeyLink, called the Connect Coin. The new Coin wearable device features Bluetooth 4.0, a one year long replaceable battery, a GPS tracker which will help you locate your car, keys or even your smartphone. And it comes in a variety of colors!

This Coin is also a multimedia remote, allowing you to control your smartphone's camera to take selfies or your playlists. But one of the coolest features is its ability to send SOS alerts to others if you are in danger. Just by pressing the smart buttons and others will know your location. The Motorola Coin can be set up from the Connect Coin app, available here.

The device will go on sale very soon in Asia and the rest of the world will follow by the end of the year. 

Motorola's awesome new Ad

Motorola just uploaded a new video to promote the Moto Z and its MotoMods platform. The new minute long ad is actually very cool, featuing classic Motorola elements like the iconic "Hellomoto" phrase, the batwing being shown everywhere, and platinum blonde models that remind us of those old MotoRazr ads. 

The ad talks about how innovative the Moto Z is in a world where innovation had been stuck since 2007. Check it out here:

The colorful ad even gives Motorola some recognition at the end of it, saying "Moto branded products are designed and manufactured by Motorola", a Lenovo subsidiary. This hadn't been shown since Lenovo's integration of Motorola. 

But it seems that after ten months since the rebranding strategy and a new visual identity, they saw it's the opportunity to clarify that Motorola and its iconic elements (Motorola logo, hellomoto phrase, and so on) are here to stay.