Xiaomi Mi 12 with 200MP Camera Leaked

Xiaomi Mi 12

After the huge success of the MI 11 series launched this year, Xiaomi is all set to launch the new successor of this series the MI 12. It is not confirmed yet but the MI 12 series can be launched in early 2022.

The MI 12 specification has already been leaked before any official announcement by Xiaomi and according to the leaks the MI 12 is going to be powered by Snapdragon 898 SoC. The biggest highlight of the Snapdragon 898 is that it will be clocked at 3.09GHz, which can create a huge difference in the performance of a phone.

The Snapdragon 898 will have four efficiency cores, then three performance cores, and one ARM X2 core that will be clocked at 3.09GHz. The Geekbench score for the Snapdragon 898 was 1250 for single-core and 4000 for multi-core.

Another major leak about the Xiaomi MI12 was that it will be the first phone to have an LPDDR5X RAM which is 2 times faster than the LPDDR4X and also rumors have been there that the MI 12 can have a 200MP primary camera that will be made by Samsung and the sensor will be 1-inch in size that makes it the largest sensor dor a smartphone in the world.

S Pen Pro info leaked ahead of the Galaxy Unpacked event


As we are getting close to Samsung's Galaxy Unpacked event, more and more info is getting leaked of the devices that are launching on the event. In previous posts, we covered info on Galaxy Z Fold 3 and other devices that will debut during the event. 

This time we got some info on the Samsung S Pen Pro, as posted on twitter by tipster Chun, the S Pen Pro features 0.7mm tip, can sense 4096 levels of pressure. It can also be used with the upcoming Galaxy Z Fold 3 without damaging the phone's display. The S Pen Pro can be charged via its USB Type-C port. It can be magnetically stick to the back of compatible phones. The S Pen is rumored to be priced at £70 in the UK.

The Galaxy S21 Ultra's S Pen accessory came without a Bluetooth support, which was a downgrade from its predecessor that had Bluetooth connectivity. During the launch event of the Galaxy S21 Ultra, Samsung announced that its is working on S Pen Pro which will feature Bluetooth connectivity. Also the S Pen Pro will be slightly bigger than the previous version.

Goggle Contacts gets the first full Material You redesign on Android 12


With every new Android version, Google introduces new design overhauls and quality-of-life improvements, and Android 12 is no exception. Back in 2014, Google introduced Material design to the world, since then we have come a long way with material UI in our smartphones, material design just make in-app experience more immersive, while being simple and beautiful.

With Android 12 Google introduced "Material You", which according to Google is "a radical new way to think about design". Google has designed Material You to adapt color palettes of any app—not just Google’s—to the user’s unique Material palette in real time.


Google is now implementing their new material design in Google Apps now. The first app to get a full-redesign is Google Contacts app. Starting from the app layout to the button designs every thing got a new Dynamic Color overhaul.


The Google Contacts Update is rolling out on Android 12 with version 3.50 via Play Store. While Android 12 is needed to get the best experience with the Material You design but the design changes are also live on Android 11.

As of now Google Contacts is the only app to get full Material You redesign, while other Google Apps implemented some aspects of the new UI, like Files which has a new Material You bottom bar, Google Camera and GBoard got new Dynamic Colors update.

Apple watch OS 7.6.1 released with security updates

Apple has released a latest update in Watch OS which is 7.6.1 with some of the improvisations, bug fixes as well as security updates. The watch OS 7 is released during September 2020 and after that two weeks before apple has released watch OS 7.6 which was facing minor issues. OS 7.6 comes with the ECG functionalities which is its one of the best features. Due to the security as well as bugs apple has released its latest OS update to 7.6.1.

The update to version 7.6.1 can be downloaded from the apple watch application in the iPhone by selecting the setting option than General and then Software update. this updated is free of cost for the apple watch users. The update requires at least 50% battery and the charger should be connected with the watch and should be properly connected with the iPhone.

This update improvises the security patch level and also bugs as well as minor issues have been fixed which will improvise the overall performance of the watch and some minor issues which were creating problems for users have also been fixed for better usage experiences.

As mentioned in the release notes of OS 7.6.1 which consists of the important security patch update as well as it is much important for security improvisations in the watch. according to the release note documents it is clearly mentioned that it consists of a memory issues which has been fixed also in this update. It has been released officially now all the users should install it ASAP for improve the performance of your apple Watch.

OnePlus 9R receives a crucial update with Bitmoji AOD and much more

OnePlus 9R an enhanced version of the OnePlus 8T is getting a new software update with the latest July 2021 security patch. The update brings one of the most required features, i.e Bitmoji Always-On display and other AOD features in the Ambient Display.

The smartphone is exclusively available in India and China only. The update has also optimized third-party apps' overheating control management and in some of the scenarios, the Quick Reply feature is also enhanced. This is the latest security rather than an old patch which we've seen in the OnePlus 7/7T series update.

OnePlus 9R Oxygen OS changelog

  • System
    • Optimized the overheating control management of third-party apps
    • Optimized the experience of Quick Reply in some scenarios
    • Updated Android security patch to 2021.07
    • Updated GMS package to 2021.06
    • Fixed known issue
  • Ambient Display
    • Newly added the screenshot feature for AOD
    • Newly added Bitmoji AOD, co-designed by Snapchat & Bitmoji, which will liven up the ambient display with your personal Bitmoji avatar. Your avatar will update throughout the day based on your activity and things happening around you ( Path: Settings – Customization – Clock on ambient display – Bitmoji )
The personal Bitmoji feature which updates throughout the day according to the activity and things happening around you has given a new life to the Ambient Display. The update has also fixed some of the known issues and also added an option to showcase screenshots in the AOD.

The update started rolling out today and will reach all users in a few upcoming days. You will receive the prompt to download if you're on a stable version or else you can manually sideload the incremental OTA which can only be applied to the version or if you're on the older version you have to sideload full OTA zip to enjoy the latest release.

Let us know how you feel about the update in the comment section below.

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