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Apple's iPhone 12 sale boosts up this quarter

According to the sales data Apple's iPhone 12 has boosted up its sales to a huge extent according to the fiscal budget of apple they have generated around $81 billion of revenue which is 37% much higher than the previous year. Apple have reported around $22 billion of profit which is more than expected by all the company analysts. Company gets more than expected from its devices.

Currently the sale of iPhone 12 series goes much slower because of the slower rate of production. One of the biggest reason should be the shifting of the interest of the people towards the new device of apple which is iPhone 13 which is expected to be announced during the month of September. But unfortunately there had not been a huge impact on sales of the apple iPhone 12 devices and its sales still remains accelerated by 50%.

The company is also making a lot of efforts in the sales by implying huge discounts and offers on their products. Even the sales of the Apple mac's keeps n increasing day by day. According to the CEO Tim Cook Apple's MacBooks have recorded their highest sales in the June quarter. Apple has also launched some of its high performance devices like iMac and iPad Pro which are the most powerful devices of apple.

Apple has now shifted its focus in the improvisation of the technologies which has been used and also on the services which also generated higher revenues for the company. Apple is also focusing on their OS updates which can make their devices to provide high level of performances to its users. Apple will launch major updates during this fall which are IOS 15, iPad OS 15, MacOS Monterey and watch OS 8 which is also a good news for apple customers.

We’re Finally Getting Always-On Display in iPhone 13

As per the information from the leaks it has been stated that latest versions of iPhones are having a unique specification always-on display which is one of the feature of Apple's watch. This feature leads to the improvisation in the battery life of Apple phones and also some more features have been improvised like its refresh rate and a much faster A15 chipset and also an improvised video capture.

According to the leaks the Apple is doing a lot for improvising their products and still working on this always on screen feature for its improvisations as well as updations. its been known that Apple is using one of the best panels in its smartphones which are named as low temperature polycrystalline oxide panels which are also used in its watches for improvisation of iPhone's built quality.

The LTPO display panels are efficient enough which can improvise the build quality of iPhone as well as apple watch which improvises the battery life of both the devices as well as it also improvises their screen refresh rate which leads to the high performance of devices.

There is also a good news for all the apple users according to leaks it has been stated that apple will be announcing MacBook Pro versions with the always-on features of iPhones and watches which should be announced during the fall season by apple till the month of November and the production of MacBook units begins during third quarter with the performance improvisations.

Apple expecting limited supplies of iPhone & iPad in September

As per the news from the CFO of Apple 'Luca Maestri' it is been known that apple is limiting its supplies of iPhone as well as iPad in the month of September. As we all have seen that the apple already limits its supplies from the month of June till now but as per the information it is going to decrease more in the month of September.

Some of the rumours says that apple is doing so just because the Apple iPhone 13 is expected to be launched in the month of September so that it can affects the sales of iPhone 13 models. But it has not been confirmed by Apple till now.

According to the conversation with the CEO of apple Tim Cook he didn't agreed about this thing and said that he doesn't want to predict this thing but yes there is a shortage of materials in our industries according to the increasing demand of the users the availability is much lower and also due to the shortage of the parts we are lowering the supplies than the demand.

CEO also confirmed that the component costs are lowered but unfortunately due to increase in freight charges they are paying much higher costs for the supplies. This is one of the major reasons due to which Apple is limiting its supplies till September.

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Future iPhones may be Made in the USA

We don't talk about politics at TechDroider, but this piece of news is quite interesting. Remember Trump talked about bringing jobs back to the USA during his campaign? He said he would force Apple -probably the largest American hardware company right now - into manufacturing their phones in the States.

It seems Apple took his word seriously and they are now considering his idea, or at least that's what Nikkei reported. The report says Apple asked its assembler Foxconn to see if it's possible to produce iPhones in their home country. Foxconn does have one facility in Texas...Motorola used to assemble their Moto X phones there until 2014.

The source says, however, that manufacturing phones in the US would increase its cost. But doesn't Apple have a 200%+ profit margin on some of their phones? They could still have huge margins if the decide to go for the Made in the USA route. 

Carrying that tag might increase sales from American consumers, but it could cause some trouble for Apple's earnings or take a lot of time, downgrade quality, and so on. We don't know how much President-elect Trump will change things up (or not), or if he will indeed push Apple to do this, so take this news with a grain of salt. 

There are positive and negative aspects of moving part of your production to another place, but at the same time we know many people would consider a "Made in the USA" product over one made in China.

Crazy Man enters Apple Store and destroys dozens of iPhones

Crazy Man enters Apple Store and destroys dozens of iPhones

Sometimes when our product gets any issue, We usually calls customer service and even when after-sales support doesn’t match our expectations, we gets angry and puzzled.

Something like this happened to a crazy Apple iPhone owner, in Dijon, France. He Just Broke into the Apple Store and smashed most of the new iPhones with a steel ball.

According to the Cameraman, The insane customer was asking for a refund for his iPhone as per his consumer rights.

Well after smashing the iPhones, the crazy guy get caught by Guards. 

Via:- PhoneArena

Iphone 5S ( 16 GB ) now available at Rs 31,999/-

Apple Launched Iphone 6 few days ago and See Iphone 5s its previous Flagship got a extreme Price drop and Is available at Rs 31,999 /- Indian Rupees and more over its Iphone 5s 16 GB variant . 

Iphone 5s comes with 4.0 inch IPS display with a 8 megapixel of Rear camera and 1.2 megapixel of Front camera , Both the camera's gives really awesome pictures . Iphone 5s is available in three Colors - Black , Golden and Silver with a premium design . As now it is up gradable to Ios 8 .

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Iphone 5c 8gb Launched in India with a price tag of Rs. 37,500

Apple Is busy making Iphone 6 But not much busy . Apple yesterday launched Iphone 5c 8gb version for India only , as India people wants cheap phone for daily use and That have low price , so Apple launched Iphone 5c 8gb variant in 37,500 /- only . Apple previously launched Iphone 5s and 5c last October  and Have priced it too high .

Apple Iphone 5c 8gb will be a budget smartphone and will be a competitor of Nexus 5 , Moto X and Samsung galaxy s4 . We can also say that its not cheap enough that Indians can buy it , as specs are also low . There are no new features in Iphone 5c 8gb variant only the internal memory has been decreased .