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3 Upcoming Technologies for Mobile Phones

One of the most frustrating qualities of modern technology is the way that it is continually changing, usually faster than most consumers are able to keep up with. 

It’s true what they say about when you purchase a new computer the technology will have already become outdated before its warranty has expired. And it makes little difference if the technology is for mobile phones, computers or audio/video equipment – they all rapidly become outdated as soon as you bring your purchase home.

Recently bought a new phone? This news might just hit you the hardest. 2019 is shaping up to be the beginning of a wave of technological advances for mobile phones. The following are some of the new technologies that will debut this year and in the near future.

Foldable Touchscreens

The idea of a foldable touchscreen for mobile devices has been floating around for several years now and finally there will be a couple of products integrating this technology on the market this year. Yup, Huawei and Samsung are both bringing mobile phones with a folding touchscreen to the market in 2019.

Both phones will have the ability to fold to where they are the size of a typical cell phone as well as being able to be unfolded so that the screen is the size of smaller tablets. Of course, the prices for these devices are expensive, so if you buy, you’ll probably want to protect them with something close to bubble wrap. Since that isn’t feasible the next best thing is to make sure you have the strongest case available for these new folding touchscreen phones.

Mobile Augmented Technology

Most cell phones act as all-in-one devices that can handle all your communication and entertainment needs. With more intelligent devices like iPhones and Samsung Galaxy on the market, cell companies have had to create new ways for a device to perform to keep consumers interested. Mobile augmented technology is one of the new technologies mobile phones will be able to perform soon.

This technology mixes accelerometers, GPS and the internet to superimpose digitally stored information on the real world. To visualize this, a good example would be when you travel to a new city. You can conceivably point your phone at a building and be able to quickly pull up the history of a building’s construction or information about any of the businesses housed in it, and so forth. All the required technology for this is already available in many mobile devices, so it is only a matter of time before this feature will be perfected and come pre-installed in new phones.


Next to the folding phone, the most anticipated new technology is probably 5G mobile communications. This tech will be getting a formal kickoff at CES 2019, but the momentum will keep building throughout the year as different carriers switch to it and more advanced cell phone towers get erected.

In the three years since Verizon said it would start field-testing 5G, the concept has caused some of the most buzz in the history of technology. The main benefits for switching to 5G is that consumers will be able to use multiple devices with differing connection speeds simultaneously, have access to much more bandwidth and devices using 5G will have faster response speeds. (Basically – faster and better internet access.)

The Future of Tech

Technology lovers have a lot of new things to look forward to in 2019 and the near future. With devices equipped with an enlarged folding touchscreen, 5G communications and mobile augmented tech, the way people use mobile devices is set to change immensely. Not only will it increase interest in technology as a whole, but these advances could very well change our entire lifestyles. That is exciting indeed.

New Features Expected for Smartphones in 2019

New Features Expected for Smartphones in 2019
Every year the big smartphone manufacturers announce their new flagship phones. Usually, this means an upgrade in software and hardware that add new functionality or improves on existing technology. With the smartphone market becoming more competitive all the time, manufacturers are constantly seeking better and more innovative components to tempt customers away from their competitors. Next year’s features are as widely speculated as they are every year, but here are a few that might be in the phones of 2019.

Triple-Sensor Cameras

When cameras were first introduced into smartphones, they were basic with few features and a grainy resolution. They were certainly no match for the digital cameras of the time. However, the cameras have continued to be upgraded and improved to the point where many people now use their mobiles for capturing images, instead of taking a separate camera. The latest additions to smartphones have been dual-lenses, one is wide-angle, while the other is long distance. Both images are then combined to produce a high-quality single image. Smartphones have become powerful enough to do all of this computational image trickery in an instant, which could lead to countless possibilities in the future. It is widely expected that the smartphones of 2019 will feature triple-sensors for the first time. The additional sensor could help to improve photos in low light conditions and make the images even crisper and looking more natural. It is also thought that there will continue to be improvements in image stabilization in photos and videos.

Privacy Protection

In 2018, new data protection laws came into force in Europe. GDPR, or the General Data Protection Regulation, was designed to hold businesses accountable to the personal information it keeps on their customers. It is also aimed at telling companies what they can and cannot do with customers’ data. The law mirrors a general feeling among people around the world about what information companies hold and what they do with it. Smartphone companies and software manufacturers are now increasingly aware that data is extremely important to consumers. Next year should see a lot more from companies on securing their products and restricting the amount of access advertisers have. Apple has already made strides in this direction,and the other smartphone companies are expected to follow.

Fully Waterproof Phones

Buying a smartphone or getting one on a contract is getting more expensive all the time. Some customers seek finance like those on this website to buy their new phones. With the newest versions of flagship phones now attracting a price tag of over $1000, there is a need from consumers for them to be tough. Many of the manufacturers have been developing their waterproof features which have led to many new phones having some level of protection. However, a fully waterproof phone is still one of the most requested features by customers, so this could be one of the new announcements seen next year. However, the engineering needed to create speakers and charging ports that can be totally waterproof is hard. Could it mean the end of the charging port in favor of wireless-onlycharging?

5G And Faster Internet

It is widely thought that the chip fabricators and phone manufacturers are getting their phone ready next year to include 5G technology. One of the biggest modem companies Qualcomm has said that they have a large number of consumer-level chips available for the smartphone sector. The emergence of 5G means a substantial upgrade on the download speeds over 4G, with potential speeds up to one thousand times faster. It means you will be able to download your favorite movie or box set in seconds, and it will make streaming on mobiles a better experience. However, although smartphones will be rolling 5G out from 2019, the network upgrades needed to deal with the increased speed won’t be widely available until around 2020.

Augmented Reality

Otherwise known as AR, augmented reality has been getting better as smartphones get faster and more powerful. New advances in facial recognition software have also made it possible for game creators to find new ways to use AR in their games. Smartphone makers Samsung and Apple have already developed emojis that can use your face and voice to become interactive. Next year should see this technology being used for more interaction and security.

Under-Screen Sensors

As screen sizes have increased and bezels have become thinner, there has been the inevitable question of where to put the front-facing camera and biometric sensor. Some companies like Apple, have decided to go for the ‘notch’ approach which sees a near bezel-free screen except for a small notch for the camera and earphone vent. Others have chosen to place biometricfingerprint sensors on the back of the phone and place the camera at the bottom of the screen. These solutions are not ideal, so smartphone makers have been working on cameras and fingerprint sensors that are integrated into the screen itself. There have already been prototypes made that have seen positive feedback, so it doesn’t seem long before we will see the first smartphone with this new technology.

Tougher Screens

Along with waterproofing, another request that is often heard from customers is stronger screens. It seems that no matter how strong the manufacturers claim their screens are, there are still many incidents of cracking reported. Most smartphone makers use Gorilla Glass on their phones which is designed to be tough and durable. However, some companies like Apple have been testing stronger materials like sapphire displays. These displays are much tougher and scratch resistant, but, they are difficult to manufacture in large quantities. They are currently mostly used in luxury watches, although if the process can be improved, it could be coming to smartphones soon.

The improvements and development of smartphones are staggering, and it seems that there are still many avenues manufacturers have yet to explore. As long as customers ask for improvements, they will continue to push the envelope in pursuit of the perfect all-round phone.

3 Advances in Bio-metrics and Smartphone Security

The term “biometrics” is one of those words that many of us are familiar with, but we might not be able to define it if we were on a quiz show. To help you win that top prize on Jeopardy someday, biometrics are body measurements. Thanks to some pretty amazing advancements in technology, we now use different types of biometrics as security features in our devices like smartphones. As Study notes, biometric security measures the unique characteristics that we have in our bodies; in turn, these biological traits will verify who we are and give us access to our portable devices. 

Or, as Android Central states, instead of having to remember the bunch of letters, numbers and characters that make up a traditional password, in the land of biometric security, we are the password. Here are three of biometric's coolest applications:

Iris Recognition

Iris recognition works by measuring and scanning a smartphone owner’s iris pattern. Each one of us has a different pattern of color our irises, so smartphones that are equipped with this form of biometric security can scan the user’s eye to verify his or her identity. For example, if you own a Samsung Galaxy S8, to use the iris scanner to authenticate yourself, you will lift the phone to eye level at arm’s length, and wait for the innovative scanner to capture the iris data from your peepers. The Galaxy S8 is able to do this process pretty quickly and unlock your

phone. The technology also works from a longer distance and will not get fussy and stop working if your eyes are not perfectly centered with the phone.

Fingerprint Scanners

Another cool type of biometric security involves fingerprint scanners. As you have probably been told from the time you were a kid, your fingerprints are unique, so they are a reliable way to allow — or not allow — someone into a smartphone. Fingerprint scanners work by measuring the arches, loops and whorls on the finger. If the sensor detects your unique print, it will let you get into your phone.

As notes, while fingerprint scanners used to be used only by the government, the military and law enforcement, they have become increasingly popular over the past five years and are now found in a number of smartphones, including the Touch ID feature that is found on many recent-model iPhones.

Facial Recognition
As the name implies, this type of biometric security uses your face to gain access to your smartphone. Apple announced Face ID not too long ago, and it has gotten a lot of attention as people wonder if it is possible to “fool” this form of security with a photo or other methods. 

As Wired notes, a team from the website tried hard to crack the Face ID system in a number of ways without any success. The new Apple iPhone X, which features Face ID, uses more than a 2D facial check; it will use a grid of 30,000 infrared dots projected onto a face, along with an infrared camera reading the distortion of the grid to create a 3D image of your face.

As the years go by, it will be interesting to see what other advances will be made in biometric security and its application to smartphones. It is nice to know that we no longer have to recall complicated passwords to access our trusty devices and rely instead on certain unique parts of our bodies.

BLUBOO S1: Cheap Bezel Less Phone

BLUBOO S1: Cheap Bezel Less Phone
Let’s talk about the BLUBOO S1 which is the cheapest way to get your hands on a bezel-less design. This sub $170 phone also packs in up to 4GB of RAM and a dual-lens camera.

The BLUBOO S1 comes with 4GB of RAM, 64GB of internal storage, and Android 7.0 Nougat out of the box. This smartphone’s design is inspired by the Xiaomi Mi MIX, clearly, and the device is fueled by the Octa-core Helio P25 MTK6757 SoC. The BLUBOO S1 sports an edge-to-edge 5.5-inch FHD display, while you’ll find Dual 13+3-megapixel shooter on its back. 

What else new though? Well, you get a giant 3500mAh Battery with Fingerprint Sensor, USB Type-C Port. It is available in Gorgeous Black and White color option.

The device is discounted by Tomtop, and can be purchased for $169.99 by 30 September. Well, we have a discount coupon for you guys and you can purchase the BLUBOO S1 just at 158.99$ by using this Coupon code "DSBLS1".

Motorola set to release a new boot animation

Hellomoto indeed! Remember we told you about the Motorola logo making a comeback to Moto boot animations after being cut out for this year's roadmap? Well, Motorola and Lenovo have made a few edits to the last one they announced, and Moto is already showing it up in some of its Twitter accounts.

The new boot animation is similar to what you saw last time, but one of the things that got some criticism from fans and tech sites was the fact that Lenovo seemed to punch the batwing logo out of the picture, as if they were replacing Motorola. Some Motorola fans complained about this, because it seemed like Moto(rola) was punched/kicked out by its parent company.

But Lenovo did listen to those comments and decided to change it up a bit. Now, instead of the Lenovo logo kicking out the Motorola logo, the batwing rotates and becomes the Lenovo logo, and then it rotates once again to become the batwing, and so on.

Although some might find this isn't a big deal, I think it's quite meaningful. Lenovo and the Moto team listened to the fans when they asked for the Motorola logo to be back as boot animation for Moto phones, and now they listened to the fans when they asked to modify it. It speaks good about the company and its respect for the Motorola legacy.

You can check out the new boot animation with its new ending here:

New $99 Android Flip Phone

Remember flip phones? We sure do. Flip phones were the most popular thing last decade, and now seem to be making a comeback. What we have here is the new ZTE CYMBAL-T, an interesting phone with a horrible name.

The new ZTE flip phone was just launched in the US and it's going to be an affordable $99 phone. It comes with a 3.5" touchscreen so you can operate the phone with either your keyboard or screen. There's also an external screen which tells you the time and recent notifications.

The phone also comes with a Snapdragon MSM8909 quad-core processor, clocked at 1.1GHz and 1GB of RAM. There's a 5MP/2MP set up, and it comes with Lollipop 5.0 according to ZTE.

What do you think? Do you still want a flip phone? Will you wait for Motorola or Samsung to release one?

Motorola Pulse Max now in three new colors

The Motorola Accessories division, now under new owner, Binatone Global, seems to be on a roll. We talked about the Motorola Coin yesterday, but now we have something else to show you: the new Pulse Max color versions!

Yeah, it might not be as exciting as yesterday's wearable device, but hey...there are three new colors for the Pulse Max, making it five available colors. The new versions will come in blue, red, and purple.

The Motorola Pulse Max features a 40nm driver, according to Motorola Accessories, and its earheadphones isolate ambient sound. Plus, it's light and its ear cups rotate. The Max was released in India and the UK some time ago, and it's reaching more countries in Europe, Latin America and Asia right now. No word on US availability, though.

Here are the individual pictures of each color. Which one will you choose?

Is Your Smartphone Compatible With Pokemon GO ?

Pokemon Go is already out , but not all Smartphones will be able to Run the augmented-reality mobile video game that uses your phone’s camera and GPS to capture, battle, train, and trade virtual pets who appear in your surroundings .

Nintendo has already listed "Must have" specs for a Smartphone to run the Pokemon Go !

Android  -

  • Android 4.4 to Android 6.0.1
  • (Android N will not supported until the official Android release)
  • Preferred resolution of 720×1280 pixels (Not optimized for tablet)
  • Strong internet connection (Wi-Fi, 3G, or 4G)
  • GPS and Location Services
  • Intel CPUs are not supported


  • iPhone 5+
  • iOS 8+
  • Strong internet connection (Wi-Fi, 3G, or 4G)
  • GPS and Location Services
  • Jailbroken devices are not supported

Apart from These above specs , Your Device should have gyroscope sensor to use AR Mode ( Camera / AR mode to see the Pokemon in your environment ) .

Google's own Smartphone coming later this year

Google's first non-nexus Smartphone is tipped to come later this year according to a report by The Telegraph . The Company is finally making its own in-house Smartphone .

Though Google will be also releasing the Nexus Smartphone later this summer , These Nexus Smartphone will be made by HTC and will be called Nexus S1 and Nexus M1 .

Google is finally taking apple like approach and will take more control over design, manufacturing and software.Google's Own Smartphone will be coming end this year ( Probably November - December ) .  


Smartwatch vs. Flip-Phone : The Saga continues

Few days back we posted a story ( Yeah you can say a short story ) about the battle between Smartphone and Flip-Phone .

In the previous story the Flip-Phone wins and Smartphone's Father ( The iCon 6s ) looses while bending his back ! 

So This is a little glimpse of the previous post , Watch out the full Story Here .

The story continues ...

Smartphone : WTH , My father just broke his back !
I Should call my pet !
"Smartphone Calls his pet , The Smartwatch
and This What happens -

This Art is made by LOLNEIN , Share it and Comment below your Thoughts !

Smartphones vs. Flip-Phone : The Ultimate Battle

After Smartphone's era , we almost forgot about the Flip-Phones ( Remember The Moto Razr ? )  . 

So , Here's What happens when Flip-Phone battles Smartphones ( Though Its a Cute fight :p ) -

Flip-Phone : Can you Do This _/ _/
Smartphone : Man , What is this ?

Smartphone : "Calls His Father"
( His Father - The iCon 6s )
and a sound comes Craaack !

This Art is made by LOLNEIN , Share it and Comment below your Thoughts !

Part 2 : - Smartwatch vs. Flip-Phone : The Saga continues

Indian Company to launch Smartphone below 500 Rs ( 7$ ) in India on Feb 17

Indian Local Smartphone manufacturer "Ringing bells" is going to launch most affordable Smartphone ever in India . Ringing Bells 'with immense support from' the India government will be launching Freedom 251 ( Smartphone name ) on Wednesday .

The Smartphone will sports a price tag of approx 7$ ( below 500 INR ) . This will be most affordable smartphone launched in India .

Freedom 251 will be an Android Smartphone with low features , but it will be useful for many people who lives in Village .

Smart 101 smartphone from Ringing bells !

Previously the Company ( Ringing bells ) launched most affordable 4G smartphone , Smart 101 at 3000 /- ( 45$ ) only . Smart 101 came with Android 5.0 Lollipop

3 Motorola Accessories One Should Buy

Motorola Mobility which makes leading Smartphones , Watches and Some Accessories . It is the best company according to my opinion .

If you own a Moto Product and want something new for it , Here are 3 Affordable Accessories for Your Motorola Smartphone -

1. Motorola Power Pack Micro -

Now , everyone owns a Smartphone and most of us have a portable power bank which we carries over to backup our Smartphones Power . New Motorola Power Pack Micro is an affordable nice accessories which one must buy as a Power bank for their device . 

Motorola Power Pack Micro

Power Pack Micro comes with 1500 mAh battery capacity and weights only 1.7 oz . It has a handle attached so that it can be used a key chain and a power bank when needed !

The small little Portable Power Bank is available only for 39.99$ on Motorola Website . Its available in different colors .

2. Motorola Bands -

Motorola Bands are the best accessories to add some personality and colors to your Moto device . It is available in plenty of colors , also you will get a set of colors in 19.99$ only at Motorola Website  . 

A set includes - Turquoise, Purple, & Raspberry color bands or Red, Blue, & Golden Yellow color bands . 

3. Motorola Moto Hint  -

Its a wireless device by which one can control their Moto Smartphone with voice . One can access everything just by saying anything to Moto Hint .

The device is like Bluetooth ear plug , It is available in various colors . The price of Moto Hint is 149.99 $ . Its too high , but its worth buying for some purposes , Buy it Here at Motorola Website .

Windows 10 now available for Smartphones / Tablets

Microsoft has finally released Windows 10 for Mobile devices and really the User interface is awesome . Windows 10 Update for Smartphones and Tablets will be a huge update . 

Windows is now all ready to compete with Android and iOS by launching its Windows 10 in competition to Android 5.0 Lollipop and iOS 8. Windows 10 will be a perfect choice for business people's and Students . As it will come with major improvements and major design update .

Windows 10 update will be coming to many Smartphones this year , Also many companies will be launching its devices with Pre-installed Windows 10 . So get ready to Experience something new !

Micromax Canvas Beat A114R Goes on Sale at Rs 9499/-

Recently Micromax launched Canvas gold and Canvas Win series , Micromax is Summing up very fastly to become The highest producer and Smartphone seller in India . But Its too fast , Micromax is approximately launching Every new device in 5 days and has launched many devices as far . The code name of Device is A114r .

Micromax has launched the device secreatly in Online store  and It is available in 9499/- after a New product discount .

Micromax Canvas Beat features a 5inch Touch Captive display and has 4.2.2 Android jelly bean out of the box . The camera is quite good 8 mp rear and 2 mp front . The device has 1 gb ram and 4gb internal storage also it has a 1.2 ghz of Quad core cpu  , which has Broadcom BCM23550 chipset .


Micromax Launched Windows Smartphone's with Canvas Win series

Micromax has finally revealed its two giant Windows smartphone , Micromax a leading producer of Android Smartphone in India has finally expanded its production from Android to Windows and Has finally launched Two windows Smartphone With Windows 8 o/s . The phone has named Canvas Win . The series will continue and new products with name Canvas win x or xx will come soon .

Micromax Canvas Win W121

For Now Micromax has launched two amazing sets - Micromax Canvas Win W092 and Canvas Win W121 . Both of the sets carries Windows 8 o/s inside it .

Micromax Canvas Win W121 is price at 9500/- and W092 at 6500/- INR

Specifications of Micromax Canvas Win W092 -

1. Windows 8.1 os
2. 1.2ghz Quad core cpu
3. 4 Inch IPS display
4. 1500 Mah battery
5. 1gb Ram 8gb Rom
6. 5 mp rear camera , 0.3 mp front camera
7. Dual sim

Specifications of Micromax Canvas Win W121  -

1. Windows 8.1 os
2. 1.2ghz Quad core cpu
3. 5 Inch IPS display
4. 2000 Mah battery
5. 1gb Ram 8gb Rom
6. 8 mp rear camera , 2 mp front camera
7. Dual sim
8. 32 gb Expandable storage .
9. Back leather panel 


How to Post Status Via any Smartphone on Facebook

You have a simple android phone , No worry . You can still post status via Iphone 5 , Samsung galaxy s5 or Nexus 5 even . You must have seen many people Posting " via Iphone 5s " OR " via Samsung galaxy " . They may post it orignally via Iphone 5s but who knows they are using This trick also . We will be doing this trick by installing a Application on Android smartphone .

1. Download The Status via app from here - Download

2. Install the application on any android device .

3. Open the application and select The device which u want to Post it via . ( I have selected Iphone 5 )

4. It will popup a browser window and You have to Login to your Facebook Account .

5. Now U will redirected to the Post Status Page .

6. Then Post any status u want , via any device :D

Micromax Launching First Windows Phone which will Join Canvas series

Micromax Has became India's no. 1 Smartphone company in This year , Micromax has started with android smartphones > then tablets > Then Funbooks and Will further expand their production to Smart watches also . Micromax is also all set to Make Smartphones using Windows Operating System . Micromax Will Make windows phone which will join Canvas series . It will be named Micromax Canvas ___ .

Micromax is all set to launch its first windows flagship On 16th June at New Delhi , India . 

Micromax Canvas Windows Os phone will features these specs -

1. Quallcomm Snapdragon Chipset
2. 5 inch AMOLED Diplay
3. 2gb ram
4. 16 gb Internal memory , which will further be expanded upto 64gb .
5. 1920 x 1080p resolution 
6. 13 mp rear camera with 5mp front camera 
7. 2500 Mah Battery
8. Metal Body ( rumored )

The Phone will Have a price around 20,000 As Micromax Will launch the product At low cost , It will be available online as well as In Near by stores .


Celkon Campus A35k Cheapest KitKat Smartphone ever

Another news , Just I posted that Karbonn A50s a Cheapest Super smartphone in the range of 2790/- , But it comes with Jelly bean . Celkon a Chinese smartphone company has made a smartphone which will Give a competition to Moto E , Unite 2 and Xolo q600s and also Karbonn A50s . 

Clekon A35k Is Worlds Cheapest Android 4.4.2 KitKat Smartphone for now . Celkon A35k features a 3.5 inch LCD Touch captive display , It comes with android 4.4.2 out of the box and has no information about further updates of android version . A35k has 1ghz single core processor and it has 256 mb of ram which is quite low , It comes with 32gb expandable storage and 512mb internal memory .

The phone has 1400 mah battery , which is good for the android os . This phone will be available online as well as In near by market stores also .

Karbonn A50s available at Flipkart at Rs. 2790 /-

After Motorola Moto E at Rs. 6999 , Micromax Canvas Unite 2 At 7679 , And Xolo q600s at 7094 , Karbonn Launched A50s A super smartphone in The range of 2790 /- only , and it is readily available in Flipkart .

Karbonn A50s at very low range super smartphone comes with 3.5 inch captive Display , A50s has dual sim support , Karbonn A50s has touch captive buttons at the bottom and is A beautiful smartphone in Range of  2790/- . Karbonn A50s has Jelly bean out of the box and It has 256mb ram with a dual core  MediaTek cpu clocked at 1.2 ghz . The camera is quite good , 2mp rear and 0.3 mp front camera .

Karbonn A50s has 512 mb internal memory which is expandable upto 32gb with micro sd card. It has a 1000 Mah Li-lon battery , which is very good for Karbonn A50s . Its a very good smartphone according to This price range .

You can buy it from here - 


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